Shanghai Records First Deaths in Current Covid-19 Outbreak

The sudden covid-19 outbreak in Shanghai has made international news after imposing strict rules on the citizens of China’s economic hub. Matters had got so much worse than it has been rumored to limit the food consumption of the citizens to one meal per day due to an irregular supply chain. Besides, all the citizens are literally locked in their houses. The sudden spike in the number of cases has put the officials in tension. However, on April 18th, Shanghai confirmed the first death that happened in the last 24 hours. 

Details About the Recorded Death

Three senior citizens between the age of 89 to 91 died in Shanghai and all had been related to underlying diseases that have worsened the situation.

Global Times tweeted, “Shanghai registered 2,417 local confirmed COVID19 cases and 19,831 local asymptomatic carriers on Sunday when three deaths were reported, who are seniors aged between 89 and 91, with severe underlying disease.”

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As a matter of fact, this is the first-ever death that happened in 2022 due to covid-19. But one thing to note is that none of the senior citizens was vaccinated at the time of the death as assured by the Shanghai’s Health Commission. According to the previous records, the overall vaccination rate in China is considerably higher than expected. But in the elderly group, citizens who are above 60, only 62% percent are fully vaccinated which will certainly put them at risk.

What Is the Current Scenario in Shanghai?

Shanghai became the epicenter of the new coronavirus outbreak. The data published by the state-run media confirmed that as many as 25 million residents are currently confined in their homes. On Sunday itself, the municipal health commission shared further details. It stated that there were 3,238 Covid-19 cases that were confirmed to be locally transmitted in the 24 hours.

On the other hand, Xinhua News Agency further spilled details about the total recorded 21,582 local asymptomatic carriers in the economic hub itself. 

To date, almost 44 Chinese cities are in full or partial lockdown. This measure is taken to reduce the transmissibility of the Omicron variant. As we know, how highly transmissible this variant is, these strict rules are made to manage the situation.

What Is the Latest Update on the Situation?
What Is the Latest Update on the Situation?

The hyper-modern financial capital is currently suffering from unimaginable consequences. Due to this prolonged lockdown, the supply chains of food and basic necessities are falling apart. People are failing to get their necessities and this has led to a national crisis.

Residents are longing for proper food and freedom as seen in the viral video clips. Millions of citizens aren’t allowed to leave their homes, apartments, or premises. The viral clip shows people demanding freedom. On Monday, a tentative plan was proposed that suggested partial relaxation. 

What Is the Latest Update on the Situation?

On Tuesday, the number of the local covid-19 cases increased to 320,000 and these are the numbers as gathered from 31 provinces. And of course, Shanghai has been recorded. Since all the major expressways are closed, plus the strict quarantining rules of the truck drivers, it is getting severe to receive supplies to the locations.

In the southern part of Guangzhou, at least 18 million must have negative Covid-19 test results to get the freedom. This zero-covid policy didn’t work in the favor of the citizens or the government. People are getting frustrated to stay back at home. One good news is that the fatality rate is extremely low and so, people do not have to worry about the harmful impacts of the virus. 

Most importantly, it is having a major economic slowdown. It is still not clear when the conditions will be back to normal but it has been a few tough weeks for the residents of Shanghai. Let’s hope to settle down everything to normal.

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