Who Is Lizzo Dating? She Is In A Relationship Confirmed By Her!

Our girl Lizzo is officially a taken woman. Being the queen of self-love and self-appreciation, Lizzo confesses her relationship status. News about Lizzo dating has been circulating in the industry for quite some time now after she was spotted with the masked man on valentines’ day. Though she is currently busy with her thriving career in 2022, she is very much committed to the man. A special album is on the way to dropping on 15th July 2022. But her heart is still taken by that one special person. here you can lizzo dating timline.

The Andy Cohen Interview Spilled All The Tea About Lizzo Dating Life 

While getting interviewed by Andy Cohen on the SiriusXM program that Lizzo attended to promote her all-size-inclusive shapewear brand, Kitty, she got asked the question that all was wondering about.  

“You were photographed in LA in February at Craig’s with a mystery man,” Andy proceeded to ask.

The question was asked after Lizzo was spotted with her date on Valentine’s Day and the ‘Truth Hurts’ singer was looking all beautiful in red. They were spotted when exiting a high-profile restaurant after having a romantic date.

Andy, who is 53, asked “Are you guys still together?” and Lizzo answered with blushing cheeks: “Yeah, whatever, yeah.” 

When asked if she struggles to date as she has celebrity status. But the confident person that she is, Lizzo confirmed that the ‘right person will smooth out everything

“If you have the right person, no, not at all. It is not even a factor,” Lizzo answered, “It should be mutually supportive no matter what that person does.”

Was Her Boyfriend Present On SNL During Lizzo’s Performance? 

Lizzo went all candid while sharing how good her dating life is. Recently, Lizzo performed on Saturday Night Live the past weekend. And guess what, the love of her life was there with her giving double duty. She was not only the host of the comedy show but was even the musical guest. So, staying up with her and being so supportive made Lizzo feel extra special.

 They have been dating for a while as the couple was also spotted at Crustacean Beverly Hills back in October of 2021. The relationship is continuing to be strong and hot. Lizzo always claimed that she loves the limelight but when it comes to her romantic life, she loves to keep it private.

lizzo dating: Lizzo’s Past Relationships

In regards to her past boyfriends, Lizzo never went publicly showcasing her love for them. However, she has spoken multiple times about how they have inspired her songs. She always felt like she needed that painful experience to evolve as an artist. In an interview, she mentioned, “As f***ed up as it sounds, I needed that heartbreak experience,” “I’m not sad, because I use the pain so constructively. It’s inevitable. The pain is the human experience.”

lizzo Dating Chris Evans

She went to highlight her love life when she was just 19. She felt that the person she loved made her the confident self she is today. Of course, it was after a harsh breakup. After that relationship was called off for good, Lizzo had a more positive approach and worked on accepting herself.

The body-positivity queen was featured in the PEOPLE’s March Cover story and shared, “I deserve the spotlight. I deserve the attention. I’m talented, I’m young, I’m hot. Do you know? And I’ve worked hard.”

Though there are lesser-known details about this budding love story, we hope that Lizzo shares more details as the fans are excited to know everything. Lizzo has been the main source of inspiration for many women who are struggling with body image issues, and now that the star has found herself the prince she dreamed of, we know many fans are going to be massively happy.

Our girl Lizzo is officially a taken woman. Being the queen of self-love and self-appreciation, Lizzo confesses her relationship status. This is very interesting information about Lizzo Dating and relationship status and in the above mentions, we capture all information about her relationship. if you want to see more latest news like this. 

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