The Huge Kpop Scandals In History – A Comprehensive Overview

Kpop has never been more popular than it is now, thanks to the international acclaim garnered by BTS and BLACKPINK. With over 150 million fans around the world, it has become a $6 billion industry. More than ever before, the world’s attention is focused on K-pop artists.

Due to the high cost of public relations, many K-pop companies spend millions of dollars annually to promote their artists. Many artists in the Kpop industry have expressed dissatisfaction with their working conditions, and a few have even taken their own lives because of it.

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Despite Kpop Entertainment’s best efforts, some Kpop scandals are just too big to cover up. In no particular order, here is a rundown of the most infamous scandals in Kpop history. Corruption, drug use, bullying, and sexual violence are just a few of the more common issues that people face today.

The Sun-Burning Scam

Kpop Scandals
Kpop Scandals

How did one of the most sensational K-pop scandals begin? Nobody in the world of K-pop would have predicted that a member of the Big Bang would end up in prison someday. Burning Sun Scandal events are laid out in chronological order below.

28 January 2019

A man was beaten up in a club called “Burning Sun” in a video shown on Korean news. Club security guards are said to have attacked the man. However, the man ended up being arrested by the authorities. Sadly, the incident took place in November of last year.

His story of what happened on that night was eventually shared. An unidentified clubgoer described how a victim of sexual assault fled to him and hid behind him. After asking the club security guard to assist the woman, the man was beaten by the security officers. Then, he was taken to the police station. That is what he claimed happened to him while at the police station.

The Burning Sun club’s director, Seungri, had to be investigated after a video of the incident was posted on the Internet. Twenty percent of the club is estimated to belong to Seungri.

2 February 2019

A Kakao group chat has been released. They discussed finding a drugged woman for VIP treatment. VIP sex with drunk/drugged women was a topic of conversation among the Burning Sun’s staff. A hidden camera was allegedly used to capture the events. Claims that he was unaware of this type of activity taking place at his club are made by Seungri. More than a dozen clubs in Gangnam were found to be selling ecstasy and other drugs, including Burning Sun.

26 February 2019

Seungri is being investigated by the police for allegedly providing prostitutes to high-profile international VIPs. Seungri instructed his staff to prepare escorts for VIP investors in a series of text messes. All of this has been denied by Seungri. Because it was three years ago, he said he couldn’t remember. South Korean entertainment company YG Entertainment issued a statement saying that the texts were fake.

3 March 2019

Buring Sun’s CEO has admitted to corrupt practices. He claimed to have bribed law enforcement officials.

11 March 2019

Police are questioning Seungri about allegations of prostitution. Kakao chat room users claim that there are more suspects. A rumor had it that the two men were well-known Korean celebrities. Videos of sexual assault were posted in the chatroom without the consent of the victims. Having sex with women who had been given sleeping pills was also mentioned in the text exchanges. Seungri announces that he is ending his career in the entertainment business.

3 August 2019

A former police officer was sentenced to a year in prison for accepting $17,000 in exchange for ending an investigation into allegations that a minor had entered a nightclub in the area. A year in prison was handed down to Buring Sun operator Lee Mun-ho for illegal substance use.

7 November 2019

On two separate occasions in 2016, Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon were convicted of gang-raping their victims. The footage of him having sex with other women, which he secretly filmed and then shared, was also found to be evidence against Jung’s guilt.

24 December 2019

Another employee named Cho was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison for illegal substance possession and drug trafficking.

27 January 2020

Indicted on charges of prostitution, illegal gambling, and foreign currency trading, Seungri has been charged by prosecutors. As a result of the allegations against Seungri, the South Korean government believes that he purchased prostitutes for the benefit of himself and other business investors from Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong, as well as participated in illegal gambling in other countries without disclosing this to South Korean authorities.

According to Seungri, he has previously denied most of the accusations. Because prosecutors had concluded their investigation into him, they told him to report to the military for 21 months of mandatory service. As a result, military authorities will be in charge of his care.

12 May 2020

Sentences for rape in a gang and the use of a spy camera that Jung Joon-young and Choi Jong-hoon had been serving were significantly shortened. Both Jung and Choi’s sentences were cut in half by the Seoul High Court. As a result, one of Choi’s victims was able to reach an agreement with him.

12 August 2021

Seungri was sentenced to three years in prison by a military court for arranging sex services and other crimes. All nine charges against him were found to be true. Excessive sexual services and illegal foreign exchange transactions were among the charges against him. A $1 million restitution judgment was also entered against Seungri in the case.

Park Yoo-Chun Assault/Drug Allegations

Park Yoo-Chun Assault/Drug Allegations
Park Yoo-Chun Assault/Drug Allegations

In 2016, four women accused JYJ member Park Yoo-chun of sexual assault. The alleged assaults occurred between 2014 and 2016, according to the allegations. Park Yoo-chun was acquitted, but his reputation had already been severely damaged. A two-year probationary period for drug use was imposed on Park Yoo-chun in 2020, however. In 2019, he was accused of drug use. In spite of this, he was not sentenced to prison because it was his first offense.

Death Of Son Ho-Young’s Girlfriend

G.O.D.’s Son Ho-Young was questioned by Gangnam police in 2013 when his then-girlfriend was found dead in his car. A sleeping pill bottle and a message were discovered in the car, according to police reports. Son Ho-girlfriend Young expressed her disappointment in him in a letter she wrote to him.

Over the course of two hours, detectives interrogated Son Ho-Young. After Son Ho-girlfriend Young’s tried to take her own life, he tried to kill himself with the same means she had used. For four days, he was hospitalized as a result.

Dahee Tries To Blackmail Lee Byung-hun

In an attempt to blackmail Lee Byung-hun for $4 million, Kpop artist Dahee of the girl group Glam attempted to extort money from the star. A video showed Lee Byung-hun drinking with her and a model named Lee Ji-Yeon was threatened to be made public by the woman. Lee Byung-hun is reported to have made inappropriate remarks in the video.

A few days later, they both admitted to the extortion attempt. Due to a large debt with Big Hit Entertainment, Dahee made the excuse that she couldn’t perform. She believes she had an affair with the actor, but he broke things off. Both women were sentenced to a year and a half in prison. Dahee was immediately expelled from Glam.

Hit And Run Incident By Kangin

Hit And Run Incident By Kangin
Hit And Run Incident By Kangin

Kangin, a member of Super Junior, was involved in a hit-and-run in Gangnam, South Korea, in 2016. After a night of drinking, he lost control of his Mercedes and slammed into a streetlight. Kangin drove away from the scene after colliding with the streetlight. He surrendered to the authorities a short time afterward.

He had a BAC of.05 percent or below. Not only that, but a camera was present to document the mishap. A few months later, while under the influence of alcohol, he was involved in a car accident and fined $6,000 as a result.

Bullying Of Mina By Jimin

In the year 2020, Mina, a former member of the K-pop girl group AOA, confessed that the other members of the group had bullied her for years. She revealed that the group’s leader, Jimin, was responsible for the bullying. She claimed to have been bullied for a decade. Bullying had become too much for her to bear, so she decided to leave the group. Furthermore, this triggered Mina’s suicidal ideas.

A letter of apology from Jimin was released on Instagram after Mina shared her story of being bullied online. She apologized for her actions and pleaded with Mina to forgive her. FNC Entertainment, on the other side, apologized and dismissed Jimin from the group. This was one of the greatest K-pop scandals of the year in 2020.

Bullying Of Lee Hyunjoo By April members

Lee Hyunjoo, a former APRIL member, recently claimed that she was bullied by the group and had considered suicide as a result. In 2016, Lee Hyunjoo decided to leave the band. On top of all of her allegations, she says DSP Media knew about the problem but did nothing about it.

Lee Hyunjoo’s brother has been threatened with both criminal and civil action by DSP Media for posting the allegations on the internet. A two-year period of bullying, according to Lee Hyunjoo, occurred between 2014 and 2016. According to her, there was a lot of verbal and physical abuse as well as attacks on her personal character.

Daesung’s Car Accident

In 2011, Daesung was dismissed from all charges over the death of a motorcyclist that was involved in a car accident. There was no sufficient evidence that the motorcyclist was alive when Daesung hit him with his car. It is possible that the motorcyclist was killed from an earlier crash into a streetlamp. The biggest clue was that the motorcyclist’s blood-alcohol level was .186 prior to hitting the streetlamp.

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3 minutes after hitting the streetlamp, the motorcyclist was run over by Daesung’s vehicle. Prosecutors felt Daesung was hit the victim due to negligent driving but could not prove he caused the motorcyclist’s death.

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