One Punch Man Chapter 163 Release Date Status, Manga Schedule And SPOILERS!

One Punch Man Chapter 163 has been making the superhero action manga fans restless. Originally adapted from the webcomic named One, the current version is drawn by the very popular Yusuke Murata. With its impeccable fight scenes depicted to perfection, fans have been longing for the epic showdown that was supposed to take place between Garou and Saitama.

We did see how Garou’s body has been mutating due to his accumulated anger. He is starting to appear like a monster. The 163 chapter is going to share some of the most awaited details that the fans fantasize about.

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When will One Punch Man Chapter 163 be Released?

One Punch Man is released on a weekly basis. It is published in Shueisha’s Tonori no Young Magazine, however, this manga doesn’t follow a usual release schedule. The manga has reached such a level of success that the author can practically publish the chapters whenever he wants.

One Punch Man Chapter 163 Release Date
One Punch Man Chapter 163 Release Date

As the pattern follows, new chapters are uploaded mostly on the first Saturday or the last Saturday of every month. As of now, chapter 162 was released on 9th April 2022. So, it was anticipated that Chapter 163 may be released on 23rd April 2022 which is a Saturday. Since that didn’t happen, fans finally got the chapter 163 on 25th April 2022 at around 12 a.m. JST.

Now, for the English translations to be available on the site, it may take an additional 3 to 5 days. This is because it involves several complicated steps such as redrawing at times, proofreading, typesetting, and most importantly, translating. So, you need to wait a little longer for getting the latest update.

One Punch Man Chapter 163 Manga Schedule

The international audience can have an idea that chapter 163 will be uploaded on the online website. According to the sources, the availability will be as follows:

Pacific Time: 9 AM
• Central Time: 11 AM
• Eastern Time: 12 noon
• British Time: 5 PM

Where to read the 163 chapter of the One Punch Man?

For the international fans, Viz Media translations take the responsibility to provide the readers with English translations. The publishing has been continuing since 2012. Studio Madhouse is behind the making of this manga series into anime series. However, for the manga series, Viz Media translations are still stuck in 159. So, maybe, all the English versions will come out soon.

One Punch Man Chapter 163 Spoilers

Unsure about what the future can look like, chapter 162 suggests that there might be an upcoming fight waiting for Saitama. As we know, he has been pretty angry inside all this while. That’s why the insane amount of anger has been suppressed in him. In chapter 162, Saitama was seen to get angry when he wasn’t paid any attention.

Garou can clearly realize how his anger is changing his body and honestly, even he felt so. When Taro was excited to meet his uncle, it seemed like the beast didn’t like it. So, this pressure can act against Sataiman. Well, there is no reason to think that a hero can come out victoriously when dealing with a powerful beast.

Now, forums such as 4chan and Reddit that usually leaks details about the new chapters have not updated anything. So, it will be interesting to watch the life of the protagonist Saitama, and whether he can come out victorious in the end.

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Chapter 163 has been one of the most significant inclusions in manga history ever. So, once the fans get to read it entirely, they can feel the real thrill. Thus, you will find all the information once it’s out.

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