Velorant Fade Is Now Official Along With Abilities

We have just received good news for the fans of Valorant and we are certain that a new Agent landed in the game and it is going to be Valorant Fade. It has been quite some time since we have seen a new Agent in the game and speculations have started pouring in from all directions, for a long time.

Ever since the launch, fans have waited for a new Agent and the gaming world has turned to Riot games for answers. A lot of clues have slipped through the cracks and the fans couldn’t wait to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The mystery around the new Agent is still not revealed but according to the fans and the rumors, we are certain that the next agent will be called “Fade.” She is a popular character and a lot of people know a lot about her already.

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Velorant Fade Going Release Date

Planned for a release during the 4th Episode, Fade is going to be introduced with Act 3. Looking at the timelines and past trends, this seems to be the most logical time for Riot games to introduce the new character. We have seen a major absence of a new agent in Act 2 and we are certain fans cannot wait to play with Fade.

Velorant Fade Release Date
Velorant Fade Release Date

Previously we have mostly seen Riot games coming up with a new agent for every few Acts but this recent absence has definitely left a void that needs to be filled.  Along with Fade, Valorant will also get a new battle pass in the new update scheduled to release on April 27.

The battle pass is filled with new items like Ragna-Rock Out, Axe skins, Deep Divisions buddy, SYS Vandal, and UltraBright Torch Buddies, for the first-person shooter. The update also includes a Look Behind You Spray, the Unstoppable Phoenix player card, and much more. This new battle pass will be released at a price of $9.99 (1000VP).

Velorant Fade’s Abilities

 The confirmation from Riot assures the fans that Fade is going to come into the game during Episode 4 Act 3 and we cannot wait to explore more about her. Fray is what you can call a foil for fan-favorite Sova and will be portrayed as a recon character. With distinctive abilities to take on her enemies, she is among the ablest agents now.

The Turkish bounty hunter will leave a mark every time with her power of the nightmares. She has the unique ability to seek other players and lure them into shadows till the moment she arrives to take them down. She is the Agent of the Shadow and she can do a lot of things that will intrigue the fans.

Her abilities to Haunt are unique. With her, players will be equipped with an orb that is throwable. Once thrown, the orb hovers in the air for a moment before hitting the ground. It has the power to transform the scene into a nightmarish entity which in turn reveals the locations of other players.

With the Seize ability, the adventure only gets better. It also consists of a throwable orb that will hover in the air similarly before hitting the ground. The impact however is different as the orb explodes into an AoE zone, meant for trapping players. 

Prowler can be fired in a straight line and it has the ability to chase any player in the line of sight. You can fire the prowler to lock on the target, reach them, and near sight them.

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The Nightfall ability is unique and extremely powerful. It has the ability to instill the concept of fear into the battlefield. Nightfall fires a wave of nightmare energy, something the walls cannot even block. This energy takes Fade straight to an opponent, defeating and decaying them in the process.

We cannot wait to find out how fun and enticing the new update is going to be.

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