Vi League Of Legends: TFT Patch 12.8 Notes

Riot Games has come up with the decision to tweak the Teamfight Tactics Neon Nights meta for one last time and the fans of Vi League of Legends cannot contain their excitement. The TFT Neon Nights will be tweaked and adjusted with new traits via the Patch 12.8 update. 

Although this patch update doesn’t contain a lot of special things, this is an attempt by the Riot Games to ensure nothing ground-breaking is happening as we enter the very end of Set 6. Right now, the World Championships are being played and patch 12.8 will only introduce a couple of new updates in order to make sure the flow is maintained the way it was. 

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When Is The Patch Releasing And Are The Details?

Scheduled to hit the live servers on April 27, 2022, this is going to be the last and final TFT update we are going to see prior to the two patches. Gizmos and Gadgets have been live for nearly six months now with the new patch update. Previously, TFT Set 6 has really intrigued the fans as it introduced Hextech Augments, and with the dragon-inspired set 7 that is coming, we are certain the Hextech Augments will continue into the next set. But before we can see or experience the new set, a couple of updates are remaining and the TFT patch 12.8 is supposedly the final update we are going to get for Gizmos and Gadgets. 

Well, there are certain heads up for the fans of Vi League of Legends about the patch 12.8 updates. Although it’s a new update, fans shouldn’t be expecting anything wild from this new patch as Riot Games are totally dedicated to developing the Set 7 and we won’t see a lot of changes balance-wise either as the meta is pretty solved.

The excitement surrounding the TFT patch 12.8 is quite high because it was long overdue but Riot Games is not looking to bring in a lot of changes. They didn’t ship the b-patch along with the update to make sure the best players in the world can get optimal practice for the World Championships.

According to a statement by the developer ‘Kent’ on April 8, he said, “We’re not seeing any major balance outliers and with many competitors already prepping for Worlds on this patch, we don’t want to throw off their practice by fine-tuning the meta.”

All the notes of the TFT patch 12.8

But there are going to be some updates the fans are excited about. Four cost carriers, including the likes of Renata Glasc and Kha’Zix, have been changed. Renata Glasc has been buffed with a boost while Kha’Zix has been nerfed with changes to his spell AD scaling and Mutant as a whole.

The new update also nerfs Jinx with one and two-star nerf reining. In addition to this, Syndicate comps are also buffed with extra resistance and we are certain that we are going to see the return of rerolling Ashe. Marc’s cashouts are a bit harder now because the Gangplank has also been nerfed early.

Here are all the TFT patch 12.8 notes which were released by Riot Games.




  • Bomb Attack Speed Slow: 25/35/50% ⇒ 30/40/50%



  • Parallel Convergence Attack Speed Slow: 25/25/35% ⇒ 20/20/30%


  • Parley Damage: 120/160/225 ⇒ 110/150/225



  • Void Assault Attack Damage scaling: 195/200/225% ⇒ 180/185/260%

 Renata Glasc

  • Toxic Wave Attack Speed Slow: 15% ⇒ 20%
  • Toxic Wave Damage: 40/65/220 ⇒ 40/65/240


  • Pulverizer Damage: 125/200/450 ⇒ 125/200/500
  •  Pulverizer Shield: 225/325/750 ⇒ 225/325/850



  • Rocket form Attack Damage scaling: 220/230/888% ⇒ 210/220/888%



  • Health regen: 4/7/10/18% ⇒ 5/9/13/20%


  • Healing and shielding boost: 25/45/70/100% ⇒ 25/50/80/115%


  • Shield: 100/135/250/350 ⇒ 100/150/275/375


  • Cybernetic Enhancement health: 450/900/1350 ⇒ 450/800/1250
  •  Voracious Appetite AD & AP: 20/30/40 ⇒ 18/27/36


  • Shield per component: 20/40/60 ⇒ 20/30/50


  • Armor & MR: 50 ⇒ 55
  • 7 Syndicate bonus: 50% ⇒ 55%


Eternal Winter

  • Attack speed slow: 25% ⇒ 30%

Frozen Heart

  • Attack Speed Slow: 35% ⇒ 30%

Quicksilver (Radiant Quicksilver)

  • Attack speed: 45% ⇒ 55%

Double Up

  • Players will now take a minimum of 1 damage upon losing a round in Double Up,

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Along with that, the patch will also introduce some bug fixes. The issue that used to cause Sunlight Cape (Radiant Sunfire Cape) to affect enemies only within the 1-hex range has been fixed with the Shades off. Also, previously an issue that prevented Senna from gaining Mana from Blue Battery and Blue Buff has finally been resolved with the patch update.

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