Vice Season 9 Will Premieres on HBO on May 1, 2022

A documentary television series that has been continuing its legacy, Vice Season 9 is officially coming back. Shane Smith, who is the founder of VICE debuted this show on 5th April 2013 and follows an immersionist style to present this documentary.

After season 3 and season 4 got commissioned back on 7th May 2014, more seasons were renewed by HBO on 26th March 2015. However, on 29th March 2020, HBO canceled the show and it was soon aired on Showtime. In 2021, the 8th episode will be released but it seems like the documentary will be returning back on HBO from this season again. So, what more information is there?

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Vice Season 9 Release Date

vice season 9
vice season 9

Just in time to satisfy the interest of the viewers, Vice Season 9 Episode 1 is already trending as many are searching for it. The fans didn’t expect that it would be returning again after such a chaotic shift to some other platform. But it’s official! Vice Season 9 will be premiering on May 1st, 2022. Yes, it’s happening and the popularity has been high ever since its confirmation. Vice has been sitting at the top list but with a few more days in hand, fans are getting restless to dive more into the documentaries. 

The biggest USP of the show is that it highlights the key points that provoke the fans to have an opinion. At the end of each episode, fans get to think about what’s right and wrong and leave behind a bit of excitement. So, with season 9 episode 1 just preparing for release, fans are thrilled to dive into some fresh material.

Vice Season 9 Plot

Now, Vice focuses on different subject matters every time. It covers a wide range of topics that are a matter of concern in modern society. Be it about the environment, women’s rights, life in prison, or any other topic, the documentary focuses on serious topics. Also, you must note that these are real-life incidents and have a direct connection with the present. One of their most famous episodes was “Taliban Resurgence” and it wasn’t easy to shoot in Afghanistan under such tough conditions. 

By December 2021, there have been as many as 137 episodes and each highlighted a different subject matter. The topics kept changing but the impact and the importance they had, did make huge differences. Audiences are always interested to know what’s happening in real-time around the world even in this modern society. So, even in season 9, the cast and crew of Vice are expected to take on some dangerous missions that will unveil the truth of the 21st-century earth. Fans are even hoping to see facts about the current invasion of Russia in Ukraine. Thus, let’s see how much it can be fulfilled.

Vice Season 9 Binge Watchers List

Vice episodes are already included in the Binge Watchers list since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic. People who are often bored, choose a series to binge-watch through their free time. So, Vice Season 9 is also included in that list and this has definitely increased the ratings of the show. That’s why a huge number of fans are waiting for the ultimate release of season 9.

Where To Watch Vice Season 9?

You can obviously see Vice Season 9 on many different online platforms. You can search for the season and episode number and many different options will pop up. Thus, with close to no effort, you will get the entire list of episodes. If you watch it on TV, you can definitely tune to its original platform, HBO.

Now, how many episodes will be there, we aren’t sure. But this is going to be another epic season.

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