Will There Be a Dollface Season 3?

Cat Lady, a fictional character created by Jules (Kat Dennings), is back. It took Jules five years to find a new man after she and her long-term lover of five years broke up in Hulu’s Dollface, Season 1. During Season 2, she and her pals understand that as they approach the age of 30, they need to figure out their love and career life and move on from the global epidemic, at least in the world of the program. It is time to know what will happen in Dollface Season 3.

No word yet from Hulu on whether there will be a third season of Dollface, which was quickly renewed for Season 2. However, since the show is based on the life of its creator, Jordan Weiss, it’s safe to assume that she’ll have plenty of material for future seasons. Her buddy sneaked the script to an I, Tonya producer after she had written it as a writing sample while working as an assistant for Margot Robbie’s Luckychap Entertainment. As Weiss admitted to Variety in 2019, “I was in a relationship in college and hesitated to put myself out there as much as I could have”.

In the aftermath of a breakup similar to the one shown in the show, “I realized that I needed to invest more time in my girls, and that’s where the idea actually came from.” A renewal of Dollface is likely, according to ABC Entertainment and Hulu Originals President Craig Erwich in 2021. Erwich said the show was one of their top performers in 2019. So far, here’s everything we know about a possible third season.

dollface season 3
dollface season 3

Possibility Of Third Season Of Dollface

Dollface could return for a third season, so round up your closest pals and get ready. A third season of the show appears to be a strong possibility.

In an interview, the show’s starlet, Brenda Song, said that the girls’ development and acquisition of information throughout Season 2 might easily become an overarching plotline for a potential Season 3 story arc. But we assume that. All the girls enter this element in Season 2, which is great fun. It’s wonderful to watch [Jules] with [Stella, Izzy, and Madison]. It’s no longer just Jules who’s living with her worry; now it’s all the girls.

Dollface Season 3 Premiere Date

A new season of the show is estimated to take around a year to develop if it is renewed. The earliest we can hope for is a premiere in the spring of 2023.


Additionally, Dollface stars Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars), Brenda Song (Zack & Cody), and Esther Povitsky (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), all of whom are likely to return if there is a third season. Season 2 goes beyond Jules to examine how each of the ladies is dealing with growing older in the midst of a pandemic, as Song revealed to ScreenRant – a throughline that may continue in future seasons.

All the females are going to be in this element in Season 2, and that is what makes it fun, according to Song.” “Seeing Stella, Izzy, and Madison with [Jules] in this world is really thrilling.” As a result of Jules’ anxiety, now all the females are living out their anxieties,” he writes.

Season 3 information will be added to this post as it becomes available.

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