Are Chrishell And Jason Dating Again? Know The Story Here With Latest Updates

Earlier last year, when the trailer of Selling Sunset Season 5 dropped, fans were literally taken aback when Chrishell and Jason were seen as a couple.

No one ever thought of the possibility of this relationship. It has been one of the best-kept secrets of the Netflix series and once the trailer was dropped, Chrishell and Jason made their relationship social media official.

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But within just a few months, the couple chose to split and fans were so confused. Now, when Selling Sunset is back to serving more tea about the relationship on Netflix, we know all the details that went down between them.

_chrishell and jason
_chrishell and jason

But the main question is, are Chrishell and Jason dating again? Well, this article contains a lot of spoilers regarding Selling Sunset season 5 and if you are not a fan of it, you can skip it.

Dating History Of Chrishell And Jason

The love story between the broker and the real estate agent was considered to be the primary story of season 5. Though it is not clear when the former couple started dating, the love slowly kept budding.

As the season unfolds, it is revealed that Chrishell was asked out by Jason when they attended Heather’s engagement party. The couple even went on a romantic date to Italy in July 2021. The couple was seen making a lot of appearances and together, they were even spotted in events making a lot of public appearances.  

Jason even got so serious with Chrishell that he introduced her to his mother. Besides, Chrishell also invited her sisters to come and meet Jason. As a matter of fact, his mother claimed that Chrishell is the only woman that Jason’s mother met.

The families officially knew each other and they were so in love. Jason even showered her with a surplus number of flowers and immense love. Things were going right but sadly, the couple took the decision to part ways just before the holiday season, Christmas 2021. 

Why Did Chrishell And Jason Break Up? 

Chrishell was married to Justin Hartley and they did have a nasty breakup. It was one of the hardest moments of her life and Jason’s company, Oppenheim Group provided her with an opportunity to show her talent as a real estate agent.

As seen in season 5, Chrishell was very clear about the fact that she wants to have kids soon as she is already in her 40s. While going into the relationship with Jason, she clarified her intentions of having children. Jason and Chrishell even visited a doctor together in order to proceed with the egg freezing process. 

Jason was extremely supportive of what Chrishell wanted and they did share a healthy relationship. But Jason was seen struggling with the fact that he needs to be the father of kids. Throughout the season, Jason kept trying to accept the truth of starting a family. And clearly, Jason wasn’t ready.

He was already known for being not ok with commitment. Chrishell was stern enough to say that she cannot continue with a relationship if she cannot look forward to commencing a family with someone she loves. Jason respected that decision and they ended their relationship in a healthy manner. 

The couple couldn’t deny their love for each other but there are priorities that both couldn’t sacrifice. The end of season 5 did share the entire story and to be honest, it was a bit heartbreaking for the fans.

“Chrishell and I are no longer together, but we are still best friends and we will always love and support each other,” Jason said. “She was the best girlfriend I’ve ever had, and we had the happiest and most fulfilling relationship of our lives together.”

Are Chrishell And Jason Dating Once Again?

No, the couple isn’t dating again. Sources close to Jason and Chrishell confirmed that both still have a feeling for each other. But Chrishell was recently linked with an Australian musician named G Flip. Her Instagram posts were suggestive of her dating the musician. On the other hand, Jason is single and there is no update about his relationship.

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We do not know but fans are hoping that Chirshell and Jason will be back together. Only the future can tell what’s going to happen. 

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