Johnny Depp Lost $22.5 Million, Big Effect On His Net worth (Today’s Update)

After his ex-wife, Amber Heard wrote an op-ed calling herself a “public figure symbolizing domestic abuse,” Johnny Depp’s talent manager said Monday that the actor lost a $22.5 million deal to play in a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Mr. Depp’s complaint against Ms. Heard says that her op-ed, published in the Washington Post in December 2018, “destroyed” his reputation and career. The exact timing of when Mr. Depp was severed from the “Pirates” franchise has become a relevant topic in the trial.

Mr. Depp has contended that the op-ed refers to their connection, even if it does not mention him by name. According to Ms. Heard, during their relationship, Mr. Depp assaulted her numerous times. Mr. Depp, however, rejects these allegations.

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When the actor’s talent manager, Jack Whigham, testified before the Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia that the Walt Disney Company had verbally agreed to have him reprise his Captain Jack Sparrow role for a proposed sixth film, it became clear that Disney was “going in a different direction” in early 2019.

According to Mr. Whigham, who has represented Johnny Depp since 2016, it was impossible to secure him a studio film after the op-ed.

During cross-examination of Mr. Whigham, lawyers for Ms. Heard contended that the op-ed did not harm Mr. Depp’s career, but rather that he had already lost the Pirates of the Caribbean role before the article was published.

Ms. Heard’s lawyer, Elaine Charlson Bredehoft, cited an earlier deposition by Mr. Whigham in which he stated it was the fall of 2018 – before the op-ed was published – when he came to understand that Mr. Depp’s appearance in the next Pirates movie was becoming doubtful.

According to Mr. Whigham’s testimony, Disney had not yet decided whether or not Mr. Depp would feature in the film at the time and it was “trending horribly,” but he and producer Jerry Bruckheimer were still trying to persuade Disney to keep Mr. Depp in the franchise.

It became evident to me in early 2019 that it was over,” Mr. Whigham said. “We had hope.”

The op-ed

Amber Heard wrote an op-ed in which she claimed that her career had been impacted because of her status as a “public figure symbolizing domestic abuse,” adding that she had been dismissed as the face of a fashion company and a movie had recast her.

ACLU general counsel Terence Dougherty testified previously that an ACLU communications department staffer produced the op-ed, which he said was inspired by the ACLU’s idea for the op-ed.

Initially, the op-ed referred to Ms. Heard’s connection with Mr. Depp in its original form. After a back-and-forth between ACLU officials and Ms. Heard’s lawyers over a non-disclosure agreement linked with the couple’s divorce, Mr. Dougherty stated that those remarks were later deleted from the transcripts.

Alleged Abuse

Apart from a discussion of Mr. Depp’s lawsuit’s op-ed, the trial has concentrated on differing claims of physical violence between Ms. Heard and Mr. Depp.

During his deposition, Mr. Depp claimed that he never hit Ms. Heard and that she was the one who had done so. He accused her of striking him in the face and kicking a restroom door into his skull.

According to court papers filed by Ms. Heard, who hasn’t yet testified in the trial, Mr. Depp tended to attack her when he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Ms. Heard hasn’t testified yet.

Johnny Depp Lost $22.5 Million
Johnny Depp Lost $22.5 Million

A day after Mr. Whigham claimed that Johnny Depp had a written contract for the sixth Pirates movie, the legal team for Ms. Heard sought to discredit Mr. Whigham’s assertion. There is no evidence that Johnny Depp ever signed a contract with Disney for the production of “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.” Ms. Bredehoft inquired about the matter.

For an actor to agree to a movie in a verbal agreement, Mr. Whigham added, is not rare.

Additionally, Ms. Bredehoft cited a headline in the Sun newspaper in the United Kingdom that referred to Mr. Depp as a “wife abuser” as a possible prelude to his reputational fall.

Mr. Whigham’s recall of Disney’s waning interest in Johnny Depp for the role of Captain Jack Sparrow was based on a story published by the New York Times in April 2018, which Mr. Depp sued the publication for in June 2018.

Ms. Heard’s possible witnesses include Tina Newman, a Disney executive. Stay tuned with us for more latest updates only on


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