Big Meech Net Worth: How Rich Is He Really In 2022?

An American drug dealer convicted for being a drug dealer, Big Meech had to suffer consequences due to drug trafficking under his business, “The Black Mafia Family”. He has made fortunes by using illicit ways to earn money.

Being a mafia himself, Meech received all the limelight when he was charged for distributing unimaginable amounts of cocaine in several US cities and also for money laundering.

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Big Meech has earned millions every year and everyone is curious to know Big Meech’s net worth and more of his dirty secrets. Thus, let’s take a tour of his lifestyle.

Big Meech’s Early Life

Named Demetrius Flenory, Big Meech was born on 21st July 1968. He was born in Cleveland; Ohio and the gangster had been raised with his brother Terry and sister who remains anonymous. The family was extremely poor and they had to struggle to fulfill their daily expenses. 

To improve the financial condition of their family, Terry began by selling drugs. Later Meech joined him and together, they were known for selling cocaine in Detroit while they were still in school. The brothers used to charge $50 for their business.

These details were disclosed by Meech himself in an interview with the Don Diva magazine while spending time in prison.

Big Meech’s Career

During the late 1980s, Meech started taking his business seriously. He was the founder of “The Black Mafia Family” and this business dealt with distributing cocaine in some of the proper hubs in the United States such as Georgia, Los Angeles, Georgia, and many more.

Big Meech had the responsibility to deal with all the operations in and around Atlanta. On the other hand, Southwest T was considered to be taking care of the L.A. branch.

When the family business was high in profit, they successfully trafficked 2,500 kilos of cocaine per month in just Atlanta. The family was reported to make over $270 million in profits. This business had close to 500 employees.

 For taking a chance on legalizing the whole business, the brother launched BMF Entertainment in 2000. They have onboarded various artists such as Young Jeezy, Nu Money, Bleu DaVinci, Baby D, D-Boi, Calico Jonez, and many more. 

Big Meech Arrest

After finding out all the truth about their business, The Drug Enforcement Administration took the brothers in custody back in 2005. The duo was charged for their money laundering and drug trafficking activities and were sentenced to 30-year in federal prison.

 While the investigation process was happening, the investigators found assets totaling a sum of $21 million. It included cash, 13 homes, 30 cars, and heavy pieces of jewelry.

Then in 2010, Mara Shalhoup came out with the book, the Black Mafia Family. It was titled, “The Rise and Fall of Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family”. The book talked about the entire legacy of the Black Mafia Family and how they suddenly lost their control over the industry.

 Though the brothers were going to be released in 2032, Terry got lucky and was released in 2020. It was done to curb the transmission of Covid 19. However, Big Meech is currently living with the name, Big Herm during his time in prison. 

Big Meech’s Personal Life

Big Meech's Girlfriend
Big Meech’s Girlfriend

 Meech was a player in real life and hooked with multiple women. But his relationship with Sabrina Peterson caught the limelight and fans soon started considering them as a favorite couple. But that didn’t last long and Meech married Tara Big Meech. They have a child together and the name is unknown.

Besides, a documentary series based on the brother’s life story, Black Mafia Family or BMF started back on 26th September 2021. Currently, there is going to be BMF season 2 and it has some of the best-known faces in the industry. 

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Big Meech’s Net Worth

 Meech is rumored to draw income even today. He has an annual income of $2 million or more. In 2022, Meech has a net worth of $100 million. He might have more properties hidden but there is little information about that. Also, investigators suspect that he may have a lot higher net worth than whatever is stated in the paper.

The true details of his fortune are still unknown. 

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