Mike Tyson Has $10 Million Net Worth in 2022 (Complete Information)

With inflation, Mike Tyson would have earned around $700 million from purses and sponsorship deals throughout his career.

According to ESPN and Sky Sports, he’s “the most vicious fighter in professional boxing history” and “The Hardest Hitter in Heavyweight History.” Boxing legend Mike Tyson was tarnished by scandal both on and off the field.

Mike Tyson Early Life

He was born on June 30, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York City, as Michael Gerard Tyson. Tyson was raised in a crime-ridden neighborhood, and his stepfather was a well-known gambler. Tyson and his mother relocated when he was ten due to financial difficulties.

Tyson had been arrested for 38 offenses by the time he was 13 years old, and he was often involved in fights with larger youths who made fun of his voice (Tyson speaks with a lisp). Tyson’s fighting prowess was discovered by a juvenile detention instructor and a former professional boxer while he was in high school.

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In the end, he teamed up with Cus D’Amatto, who would have an enormous impact on the future boxing champion. When Tyson’s mother died when he was 16, D’Amatto was named as his legal guardian and continues to be such to this very day. Kevin Rooney was also a mentor to Tyson since they were both in their teens.

Early Boxing Career

Tyson made his professional debut in the Junior Olympics in 1981 and 1982, winning gold medals in both bouts. However, he was defeated by Henry Tillman twice at the 1984 Summer Olympics.

First-round TKO victory over Hector Mercedes was Tyson’s first professional bout at the age of 18. In the future, Tyson would routinely terminate fights in the first round as a rising trend. As he continued to fight opponents who were more difficult than those he had previously faced, some predicted an early climb to celebrity for him.

When Cus D’Amatto passed away in 1985, Tyson lost a mentor and a father figure. In the years to come, many people claimed that this would have a negative impact on Tyson’s life.

Mike Tyson Boxing Style

Boxing legend Cus D’Amatto taught Mike Tyson a method of defensive boxing known as “peek-a-boo.” This is a style of counter-punching that relies on charging the opponent, causing him to swing, and then taking advantage of the resulting openings.

Mike Tyson Boxing Style
Mike Tyson Boxing Style

Tyson was renowned for his ability to bob and weave, as well as his incredible hitting strength. Tyson was notorious for finishing fights with a right hook and an uppercut because he had a lot of power in his legs.

Mike Tyson Career Earnings

His contract with HBO continued through his fight against Alex Stewart, which was worth $27 million at the time. Conor McGregor defeated Alex Stewart inside the span of just over two minutes and 27 seconds. Showtime then offered him a $120 million contract that would cover numerous fights, including Holyfield I and II.

His fight and endorsement earnings totaled at least $430 million. In today’s dollars, that equates to almost $700 million.

For years, it’s been commonly accepted that Don King pocketed a significant portion of his earnings, at the very least from pay-per-view events. Mike’s contract with King said that the promoter was entitled to 30 percent of his earnings. In Nevada, this was a violation of state law.

According to reports, Don withheld half of Mike’s payment before writing a check to him for some unexplained reason. Don King’s wife would be paid $100,000 for each fight as a consultancy fee for example. They were also paid $50,000 each battle in consulting services by their father, Don King. Mike used to pay the president of the Mike Tyson Fan Club $1,000 a week during his height of success. The President’s daughter turned out to be Don King’s biological child.

Creditors like the IRS have also levied wage garnishments on him in the past. When Tyson faced Danny Williams in 2004, he was compensated 8 million dollars. Six million dollars of Mike’s earnings were confiscated by the Internal Revenue Service, leaving him with only two million dollars.

Listed here are Mike’s earnings from November 1986 until his final pro fight in 2005. As you can see, the $103 million he won in 2002 by fighting Lennox Lewis was by far his biggest paycheck. An estimated $75 million came from pay-per-view bonuses on top of the total of $103 million in prize money.

Mike Tyson Career Earnings
OpponentPurseInflation Adjusted
Trevor Berbick$1,500,000
James Smith$2,000,000
Pinklon Thomas$2,500,000
Tony Tucker$2,500,000
Tyrell Biggs$2,500,000
Larry Holmes$5,000,000
Tony Tubbs$10,000,000$21 million
Michael Spinks$20,000,000$42 million
Frank Bruno I$8,000,000
Carl Williams$4,000,000
Buster Douglas$6,000,000
Henry Tillman$2,000,000
Alex Stewart$3,000,000
Donovan Ruddock I$6,000,000
Donovan Ruddock II$10,000,000
Peter McNeeley$25,000,000$42 million
Buster Mathis$10,000,000
Frank Bruno II$30,000,000$50 million
Bruce Seldon$30,000,000
Evander Holyfield I$30,000,000
Evander Holyfield II$30,000,000$49 million
Francois Botha$10,000,000
Orlin Norris$9,000,000
Julius Francis$10,000,000
Lou Savarese$8,000,000
Andrew Golota$10,000,000
Brian Nielsen$5,000,000
Lennox Lewis$103,000,000$148 million
Clifford Etienne$5,000,000
Danny Williams$8,000,000
Kevin McBride$5,000,000
Roy Jones Jr$10,000,000

Personal Appearance Fees

In recent years, Mike has made Las Vegas his home base. Personal appearances at private parties and business functions in Las Vegas have made him wealthy. A two-hour appearance by Mike costs $75,000 in total.

Mike has been married three times before now. He has a family of six. He is a Muslim who abstains from alcohol. We have covered all the related information about Mike Tyson. Stay tuned with us for more such updates only on leedaily.com

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