Nintendo Switch Sports Is Out Now: News Of The Week

Nintendo Switch Sports is out now and if this news doesn’t make you happy, we doubt you are even a gamer. The newest and latest offering from Nintendo is here to amaze you with its advanced tech and immersive experience.

This new console brings back motion-controlled gaming and it is built for the new generation of gamers. Nintendo Switch Sports will let you bowl in a virtual bowling alley that feels real and is entirely motion controlled with the simple and intuitive Wii Remote.

 Does this also mean we will get to see broken and smashed TV screen threads all over the internet again? Well, it looks like since Nintendo Switch Sports was released, there has been a couple of unconfirmed incidents about the remote flying off the hand and smashing the TV Screens.

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But the good part is that Nintendo Switch Sports is an amazing experience and makes the games way more interactive, competitive, and hardcore.

What Are We Getting With This Release?

Nintendo Switch Sports
Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports is definitely kind of an experience that you would like to have every day, even better when you have a friend to pair it up with. Out of the box, the console comes along with six games, while the seventh is on the way, and will be released along with the next free update.

Currently, you can try your hands at volleyball, bowling, badminton, soccer, tennis, and chambara. The seventh game is going to be golf which will elevate the Wii remote experience even more.

The gaming experience overall is quite fantastic and now Nintendo Switch Sports has also brought back our all-time favorite game, bowling. The quality of the gameplay, graphics, and control depicts the amount of hard work that has been put behind the games. 

The Games Of Nintendo Switch Sports

Among all the games, Volleyball is among the most engaging and competitive. Call it ambitious, the game has a learning curve to it and you will have to perfect your serving, setting, and spiking over time. With Nintendo Switch, not only is it fun to learn but also brushes your skills overall.

In Volleyball, you can have your friend or partner set, bump, or even spike and take the fun to a whole new level.

However, the fan’s second favorite is tennis. It is quite similar to the other motion control tennis games that are available to play on the market. Tennis has gotten a few updates and tweaks but there have not been any major changes, it still remains one of the best motion control games to play ever.

Badminton on the other hand as expected is a very similar experience to tennis. If you are someone who wants to try something new but still enjoy the fun of tennis, badminton is definitely the game for you.

Each of the games can be played co-op and they put together a good amount of fun every time you are ready to feel the adrenaline. 

The return of Bowling is definitely a major talking point of the lee

Nintendo Sports Switch. Bowling feels a lot similar to its previous version and the moves are still the same in the new game. You can move side to side, create the shot in your choice of angle and swing the Joy-Con. The music feels like you are playing on the Wii.

Finally, new to the sports series is the Chambara. For people who don’t know what Chambara is, it is just a fancy name for a Swordplay. It comes with a handful of play styles and interactive mechanics. You can choose to fight with one weapon or two swords, whatever you prefer.

Chambara is best played against other humans and there will always be a choice of who wins.

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The Best Game In Nintendo Switch Sports

The best game however with the Nintendo Sports Switch however is Soccer. It is the cream of the crop and by playing it, you will understand the efforts that were put in to design the game. You have the choice to play one-on-one or four on four and every time it will feel incredible.

Depending on the number of players, the size of the pitch changes as well.

Though right now we can only try out six different games, we are confident more content is on the way and Nintendo will not fail to surprise us in the coming days.

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