(UPDATED TODAY) Eddie Murphy Net Worth $600 Million

The legacy of Eddie Murphy, an American A-list actor, comedian, director, and producer can continue for pages. Murphy is amongst the top-grossing actors existing in this era. His films have earned close to $7 billion cumulatively which surely earns him a spot as the sixth-highest grossing American actor.

He is the icon of the late 80s, 90s, and even 2000s. His timely comic skills and charming personality still attract the maximum number of audiences. After such a successful career, fans search for Eddie Murphy’s net worth and we do have all the details regarding this.

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Eddie Murphy’s Early Life

On 3rd April 1961 Brooklyn, NY, Eddie Murphy was born to make the world laugh with his sense of humor. The star was growing up in a neighborhood in Bushwick. His mother worked as a telephone operator while his father was known for being a transit cop as well as an amateur comedian.

Well, Eddie Murphy got his comic sense definitely from his genes. Sadly, Murphy’ lost his father when he was only eight. Thus, Eddie along with his brother was put up in foster care after his mother became ill. Slowly, she recovered and then married again.

Eddie Murphy’s Career

But Eddie was always a fan of comedy and Richard Pryor’s comedy album inspired him the most. Later, Bill Cosby influenced him and he started featuring on Saturday Night Live when he was only 19. It was back in 1980 and the show was having a downfall. However, Eddie took the responsibility, and quickly the new ratings made Eddie a household name.

He was a part of SNL till 1984. His first film debut was in 1982 for the film “48 Hrs”. He had one after one hit namely “Coming to America,” “Beverly Hills Cop films,” “Trading Places”, “Harlem Nights,” “Shrek” franchise, “Mulan”, and many more. 

The comedy king got his first Academy Award nomination in 2006, and later went forward to win a Golden Globe for the film “Dream Girls”. The icon did produce many of his own films including “Vampire in Brooklyn Life” and even directed some such as “Harlem Nights”.

His latest announcement claimed that he will be coming back to reprise his unforgettable role in the film “Coming To America”. Murphy is very much an eminent name in the current industry and he will be always relevant.

Eddie Murphy’s Personal Life

Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy

After marrying Nicole Mitchell, his longtime girlfriend in 1993, the two decided to settle for divorce in 2006. Nicole received $15 million for her settlement. Quickly Eddie started having affairs with Spice Girl Mel B.

The relationship lasted from 2006 to 2007. However, in 2008, a businesswoman named Tracey Edmonds caught Eddie’s eyes. But even that relationship didn’t last. Finally, Eddie found his soulmate in model Paige Butcher. They have been together since 2012. Most importantly, Eddie has 10 children all conceived by different women.

Eddie Murphy’s Real Estate

Eddie is the proud owner of several lavish mansions. In 1990, he resided in Granite Bay, California in an extravagant mansion that was custom built. He owns a 3.7-acre underdeveloped lot in the exclusive Beverly Part. Next, he purchased a 40,000-square-foot mansion and even owns a 15-acre private island right in the Rooster Cay, Bahamas.

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Eddie Murphy Net Worth & Salary Highlights

Though started small, Eddie Murphy has a net worth of $600 million. While in SNL his earnings went from $4,500 per episode to $30,000 per episode really quickly. His highest earning from a film is $20 million and his earnings in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s were $250 million just from films.

He was also involved in writing and earned $300 million as a whole. He got $70 million from Netflix for comedy specials. Eddie has earned a huge reputation over time and these numbers are just some of his big achievements.

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