Weird Al Yankovic’s Net Worth (Updated 2022), Relationship Status, Height And Much More

Weird Al Yankovic is a well-known American singer who is also a record producer and actor. He is famous for being quirky and always poking fun at pop culture. The star is known to make parody songs and to date, he had released as many as 150 original songs.

The singer’s albums had sold over 12 million copies worldwide. He has embraced his commercial success and got over six platinum albums having RIAA certification. Today, fans are still eager to find out about Weird Al Yankovic’s net worth. 

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Weird Al Yankovic’s Early Life

weird al yankovic
weird al yankovic

In Downey, California, a talent named Alfred Matthew Yankovich was welcomed into the lives of Mary Elizabeth and Nick Yankovich. His birthday is on October 23rd, 1959 and his father was a renowned physician in World War II.

The star has a Serbian heritage and after his father’s service, his parents moved to California. His first introduction to music was when his parents got him admitted to a music school for his sixth birthday. 

Soon a salesperson selling music education came to his house and his parents enrolled him in guitar classes. He was just seven years old and soon he found his genre to be rock music. Legends like Elton John, Spike Jones, and even Allan Sherman inspired him.

The rock artist studied at Lynwood High School and later went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in the field of architecture from the reputed Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.

Weird Al Yankovic’s Career

When he was 16, Al starred as a radio host for Dr. Demento. He was popular for being a DJ at the school’s radio station. His name ‘Weird Al’ was given by his classmates and later, that became his stage name. 

The star had three successful decades of career and his first album that topped Billboard’s top 10 charts was “Straight Outta Lynwood”. His most recent 2014 album release, “Mandatory Fun” secured the number 1 position just a week after its release.

 He is most famous for his satirical approach to pop culture. In fact, he depicts his works through music videos. Later he shifted from mainstream media and started uploading his work on YouTube and other video streaming sites. His mockery was even targeted to videos of Hanson, Ben Folds, the numerous Presidents of the US, and even the Black Crowes.

The top-tier works of this parody artist are ‘Smells Like Nirvana,’ ‘Eat It,’ ‘Word Crimes’ ‘Fat,’ and ‘White & Nerdy.’ To give a different approach to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” “Eat It” was released and became an instant hit.

He was not only starring in the mockumentary but also co-wrote ‘The Compleat Al,’ which basically showed his own life around 1985. Another autobiography, ‘The Authorized Al’ was also released. Fast forward to 1988, he was chosen as narrator for Sergei Prokofiev’s work “Peter and the Wolf.” Moreover, he even played the writer and the actor for the 1989 video hit UHF.

Now in 1997, the star got his own show, “Weird Al”. His acting was praised and soon, he was seen in top series such as “How I Met Your Mother” (20111), “Drunk History” (2104), “My New Teacher and Me”, and “When I Grow Up” and many more. He was also the cover face for ‘MAD’ magazine. 

Though his work has always been unique, he got 5 Grammy Awards and 11 nominations. Plus, he has 4 gold and as many as 6 platinum albums.

Weird Al Yankovic Personal Life, Height, Age, And Weight

Yankovic is a vegetarian by choice. In 2001, he exchanged vows with Suzanne Krajewski who was a marketing executive at 20th Century Fox. They proceeded to have a daughter named Nina in 2003. However, on 9h April 2004, both parents of Yankovic were discovered dead in Fallbrook, California.

It was said that the incident took place due to carbon monoxide poisoning led by their fireplace.

Currently, Al is 61-years old and has a height of 1.83m. He weighs 79kgs and leads a healthy life.

Weird Al Yankovic’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Weird Al Yankovic is $20 million. Together with his family, he is living in a Los Angeles home. Al also purchased a mansion of 7,000 square-foot in Hollywood Hills in 2001. The star is still into many projects and his income sources keep expanding.

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