(Latest Updates) Who Is The Father Of Amber Heard’s daughter?

Amber Heard is in hot water lately after her infamous trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp. The case is currently getting all the media attention and it is taking place in Fairfax, Virginia Court. It is a USD 50 million offense case that Depp filed against the Aquaman actress. But recently, the actress also made news after revealing about her daughter.

Well, Depp isn’t the father of the child but the question is, who is the father of Amber Heard’s daughter? Amidst all this chaos, this has been a point of interest for many viewers and so, let’s try and unfold more truths.

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Was The Identity Of Amber Heard’s Daughter’s Father Revealed?

Amber Heard's daughter
Amber Heard’s daughter

Not only the court battles but also the personal lives of the stars are in the limelight day and night. Back in July 2021, Amber announced having a daughter named Oonagh Paige Heard. Though she was born on 8th April, Amber chose to keep it private for a while.

Interestingly, Amber didn’t mention anything about her father or surrogacy while making previous public appearances. But when she publicly declared to the world about her daughter, she confirmed that the child was secretly welcomed into her life via a surrogate. Thus, it can be said that none other than Amber Heard is the mother and father of the child.

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Friends knew that Amber would not be able to conceive her own child, therefore, she chose surrogacy. There has been no mention of the donor. Hence, there are still mysteries that the world is trying to unfold regarding this case. 

Is Elon Musk The Father?

It seems like a majority believes that the child might have some link with Elon Musk. It was obvious that Amber cheated on Depp with the Tesla founder and billionaire Elon Musk. Later, it was also disclosed that she was clearly involved in a romantic affair with James Franco while in a relationship. 

But audiences are suspecting Musk because she was rumored to have a long on and off relationship with the current owner of Twitter. Johnny has been questioning the father of Amber’s child throughout his trial and on many occasions, it was implied that Elon Musk may be the real father that she doesn’t want to discuss. Though it is all speculation, many do believe that Amber had a child via surrogate.

When Was Oonagh Paige Hear Born?

Amber Heard has been keeping this secret for a while now. She took to her Instagram and shared, “I’m so delighted to share this news with you,” “I made the choice to have a child 4 years back. It was significant to me to do it on my own terms.

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I comprehend now how revolutionary it is for us as women to consider one of the most indispensable aspects of our lives in this manner. I hope we reach a stage where not wanting a ring in order to have a crib is measured normally.” “A part of me wants to preserve that my personal life is private and uninteresting to others.

I also understand that the nature of my profession demands me to take command of this situation.” “On 8th April 2021, my baby girl was born. Her name is Oonagh Paige Heard. She marks the beginning of the remainder of my life.” Her one-year-old kid presently celebrated her first birthday”.

In this long post, she explained her current situation and also hinted that one doesn’t need to be married in order to have a child. Time and again, she made posts that clarified that she is the only guardian of this child and has a potential father to date. Besides, Amber Heard is an LGBT community.

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She was involved with many prominent women in the industry including Cara Delavigne. However, before having her child, Amber dated Bianca and thus, the question of the father’s identity is still a mystery.

It looks like Amber is aiming to raise her child without any male support. Moreover, she wants to remain the sole parent of the child. As of now, Amber is focusing on her life with her child and also on her case against Johnny Depp. If in the future, the identity of the father is out, we will update you instantly.

Who is the father of Amber Heard’s daughter? Still a mystery to us and to all of you. If you want to know who was the father of Amber’s daughter, stay with us and visit, Lee Daily.

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