YouTube Go Will No Longer Be Available In August

YouTube has finally decided to take down its app YouTube Go. YouTube Go will no longer be available in August and any time after that. The video-streaming platform has made the official announcement and it will be effective from August 2022.

This was a lightweight alternative that was available to the main app. However, the decision to discontinue this app can affect many. It was made available to the users in 2016 but recently, YouTube updated its community forums about the upcoming changes.

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Why Was YouTube Go Launched In The First Place?

YouTube Go
YouTube Go

YouTube Go is a reliable source of video watching platforms in locations or areas where the connectivity is slow. The application is also supported on low-end phones that failed to run the main app.

It resolved the issues of viewing quality content. As a matter of fact, viewers are also able to save videos for enabling offline viewing.  The best feature about this app is that it came with local sharing with its nearby users, however, there are no charges or data consumption involved in it. 

YouTube Go is primarily popular in countries such as India and Indonesia. Till 2017, it was available in Beta Version. But 2017 saw a wide release.

It was launched in over 130 countries in order to make it available to a huge section of people. The app has a size of only 10 MB, thus, it didn’t occupy much of the space of your phone as well.

It is very user-friendly that allowed users to locate anything without any major issues. It runs faster and provides the picture quality that the users are hoping to.

Why Did YouTube Decide To Shut It Down?

Though many are considering it to be a hassle for users who don’t have a supportive device, YouTube has clarified that all the problems are resolved. YouTube mentioned that the main purpose of the app was to give audiences with limited internet or low-end devices a chance to experience the virtual world.

They wanted to provide them with the platform that many of the world’s inhabitants are enjoying. 

YouTube clarified that the new app has become much more compatible. Back in 2016, the main app did have certain restrictions that didn’t make it suitable for any low-end devices. However, the main YouTube app has become smoother and much more efficient. It improved the overall user experience.

As a matter of fact, YouTube features a dark theme and the users could view, comment, post, and upload their own content through it. In YouTube Go, all these features were missing.

In fact, this will become a go-to app for many creators who stays in remote conditions. YouTube has claimed that it did undergo several developments over the years that may it ideal for running on those devices that once failed to support the main app. It can now run on low data and on any given device. Thus, the primary issues have already been addressed.

It is believed that the viewers can easily switch to the main app, YouTube Go, and carry out their usual activities.

On the support page, YouTube updated, 

Today, we are announcing that YouTube Go will be sunsetted beginning in August. To access YouTube, we recommend that YouTube Go users install the main YouTube app or visit in their browsers,” “Since then,

YouTube has invested in improvements to the main YouTube app that make it perform better in these environments, while also delivering a better user experience which is inclusive of our entire community,” “Specifically, we have improved performance for entry-level devices or those that watch YouTube on slower networks. We are also building out additional user controls that help to decrease mobile data usage for viewers with limited data.”  

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This might be an end of an app but once the users shift to the main app, they can realize what they have been missing. Hopefully, there won’t be any further issues. But if there is any, YouTube is ready to address it.

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