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Johnny Depp Strikes Amber Heard’s Testimony ‘Performance of Her Life’

Johnny Depp Strikes Amber Heard's Testimony 'Performance of Her Life'

Johnny Depp Strikes Amber Heard's Testimony 'Performance of Her Life'

The ongoing trial between Johnny Deep and Amber Heard has got all the attention. Things are getting tense as the days are progressing and Amber Heard has chosen to take the witness stand. During her recalling and telling about December 2015 which involved rage and violence, Amber revealed that she was scared for her life.

Amber Heard

She further said that while the act was happening she thought, “He is going to kill me and he won’t even have realized it,” “This is how I die.” However, the team and spokesperson of Johnny Depp Strikes Amber Heard’s Testimony ‘Performance of Her Life.

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Even before the opening statements were made, Depp’s team said about Amber, “preparing to give the performance of her life in this trial.” 

Amber Described The Trip To Australia, Violence And Sexual Assault

Amber took the stand to explain the graphic detail of her abuse during their trip to Australia. She highlighted how that trip was nothing short of a nightmare. Depp and Amber went on a trip to Australia in 2015 just after getting married. Since Depp was then filming for the 5th installment of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, Amber accompanied him. She claimed that Depp took MDMA and soon turned out to be “belligerent”.


They were having an argument due to Depp’s drinking issues and Depp was accused of taunting her with a broken bottle. According to Amber, Depp ripped off her nightgown, grabbed her by her neck, and threw her across the room. 

 “I’m looking in his eyes and I don’t see him anymore,” Ms. Heard claimed in her testimony. “I’ve never been so scared in my life.”

Johnny Depp Strikes Amber Heard’s Testimony ‘Performance of Her Life’

Then recalling the next morning, the 36-years-old actress said that she woke up with severe injuries and Depp had broken her face after a night full of assault. Later a nurse was called to attend to the actress and she said that her nose was broken. Besides, blood was seen coming out from her scalp. In gruesome details, she said that Depp had allegedly ripped her hair from her scalp.

Later, photos of Amber’s broken nose, swollen lips, and several bruises were shared with the jury. She even presented photos of hair lumps on the floor. In just a few days, Amber had to make an appearance to promote her film “The Danish Girl” on “The Late Late Show with James Cordon”. Well, she had no choice but to cover her bruises with make as done by her makeup.

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The Fights Continued In The Bahamas

For Christmas, Depp, his children, and Amber were supposed to spend time in the Bahamas together. She chooses to accompany them trying to fix things. But the violent pattern continued again. Depp continued with his over-the-top drinking habits.

Amber Heard and Jhonny depp

Amber said that Depp intentionally spilled wine onto the actress’s lap. She jumped to have a conversation with Depp near Jack (Depp’s Son). Then Depp followed Amber to the bathroom when she was trying to change her pants.

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Amber claimed that Depp slammed her and put her against the wall, held her neck, and said, “I will fu**ing kill you if you ever speak to me in that embarrassing way in front of my kids ever again.” This continued even when she was in the restroom. Amber ended the second day of her testimony by saying that Depp did pass lewd remarks on her and said she is a “nagging bitch” and a “c***”.

 After hearing all the remarks Depp’s representatives said that Amber’s abuse stories kept evolving and taking different directions over time. She keeps adding “new and convenient details” but when it comes to Johnny, his “recollections have remained exactly the same throughout the 6 agonizing years since her first allegations were made.”

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 The trial isn’t ending anytime soon, and more details are coming out. So, let’s wait for what’s up next!

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