Thymesia: Official Release Date Status, Trailer, Gameplay And All LATEST Updates

Thymesia as a game looks and feels unearthly. It looks like the developer OverBoarder Studio along with the publisher Team 17 has borrowed from the Bloodborne side of things to create this Soulslike game Thymesia.

They have released the latest trailer of the game so that fans can go right now and check out all the adventure that awaits once the game releases. 

You will get to have a feel of the gameplay through the trailer and all the new things that you are going to experience. Ready to release on August 9, 2022, Thymesia will be launched on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

The developers and the publishers came together to announce the release date. However, if you are already excited to try out this adventurous game in a ghostly setting and experience it for real, you can do so. The free demo version of Thymesia is available to play on Steam.

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More About Thymesia, Gameplay, And Updates

Thymesia Game play
Thymesia Game play

Thymesia is a plague-totting game and if you have no idea about it, as a player you will take control of Corvus. This masked protagonist is stuck in the city of Hermes, already plague-ridden and he needs to get out of there. You will go out on an adventure to uncover all the truth that caused the plague and, in the process, save the city of Hermes.

 The weapons you carry will be mysteriously powered by the disease itself. The player will get on the mission to seize the diseases from the enemies that he will use as weapons. These moves also upgrade the movement and arsenal of the weapons through a progression system, taking you closer to your goal of revealing all the truth behind the plague.

The dark and gloomy environment and setting of the game are definitely going to be a game-changer. We have previously seen such a soul-like subgenre and every time it has amazed the players.

Thymesia will be an astounding experience for console players particularly. It is a hardcore RPG game set in the gloomiest environment. It will be released on PC via GOG and Steam but when it comes to the consoles, only the latest PlayStation and Xbox are going to get it. It is an attempt by the developers to get in more player numbers to try out this latest game.

The game is engaging and comes with the latest and a complex weapon system and combat. It will be an exciting and at the same time and intriguing experience, something that will remind you of Bloodborne but in an entirely new environment.

What Does Thymesia Feel Like?

Thymesia was first announced in March of 2021 and since its announcement, it has continued to grow an audience and fanbase. The announcement created some waves back because the game has a unique take on FromSoftware’s formula, it’s faster. 

OverBoarder Studios have gone with a flashy style with Thymesia and over the time they have released numerous short videos on Twitter. You can check out their page to get a taste of the game in action.

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The dark and brutal side of the game is definitely something that will intrigue the attention of new-age gamers. It’s filled with combat and exciting mechanics that will keep you engaged, for as long as you want.

It’s based on the idea of you dying and coming back to try again and with this fighting game, there is never a boring time. Thymesia looks incredibly influenced and inspired by Soul games, which previously have proven successful with games like Lords of the Fallen.

Also, games like Elden Ring have taken the gaming community by storm and that definitely puts an added pressure on OverBoarder Studio with Thymesia. We can’t wait for it to be released.

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