Marlo Hampton Net Worth, Relationships, Career and More (UPDATED)

Marlo Hampton was born on February 7th, 1972, in St. Petersburg. She is of African and American origin and is most known for her appearance on the Bravo reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

She is also known for being a friend of NeNe Leakes and a former girlfriend of Charles Grant, an American Football star. As if that wasn’t enough, Marlo is also a fashion blogger known as Since 2008, she has been actively involved in the entertainment sector.

Marlo Hampton Net Worth

Interested in finding out how much Marlo Hampton is worth? Marlo’s net worth is thought to be in the vicinity of $500,000, according to reliable sources.

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In addition to her work as a reality television star, she’s also a successful fashion entrepreneur with a boutique and a popular fashion blog. As a result, the entertainment business is the primary source of her wealth.

Hampton Marlo Early Life

While attending the University of Southern Florida Marlo Hampton earned a BA in Arts & Sciences in Social Work as well as a minor in Interdisciplinary Science. Later, she relocated to Atlanta and began working as a bartender to make ends meet.

In no time, Marlo had made up her mind to pursue a career as a fashion stylist and had set up her blog. Marlo first appeared on “I Dream of NeNe” as a friend of NeNe Leakes and her stylist before becoming a star on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Marlo Hampton Career

After opening her first boutique in Atlanta in 2008, Marlo started extending out, first in Georgia, but soon across the entire United States. This became the primary source of her wealth over the years. Marlo earned an appearance on the popular Bravo TV show “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” (2011-2012) as a result of her friendship with NeNe Leakes, which further increased her net worth and popularity.

She was a main cast member until she got into a disagreement with another cast member who is also in the show, and she had to leave the production.

Marlo quickly returned to fashion and her businesses, though, but she also created a fashion blog, branded As a result of the blog’s enormous popularity, which brings in millions of monthly visitors, she has seen a significant increase in her net worth.

Marlo Hampton Personal Life

Marlo Hampton was in a relationship with Charles Grant, the ex-boyfriend of her friend NeNe Leakes when it came to her personal life. They were engaged for a short period, but she ended it. Rumors had circulated that she had dated some of Atlanta’s wealthiest men.

Her spare time is spent on social media and working with her organization, “Glam It Up!” which she founded in 2011, to help young girls gain self-confidence and achieve success in all aspects of their lives. For more information do follow us only on


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