Rapper in Ozark Season 4 Identity Revealed! (UPDATED)

There is a cameo appearance by a real-life rapper in the eighth episode of Ozark season 4, “The Cousin of Death,” together with Ruth. Since Ozark’s first season, it’s been clear that Ruth Langmore is a die-hard fan of ’90s boom-bap and rap, a true hip-hop aficionado.
The first episode of Ozark season 4 part 2 was uploaded on Netflix in April 2022, and Ruth encounters one of her rap heroes when she arrives in Chicago during that episode.
Ruth approaches the rapper in a diner and tells him she’s a fan; the rapper praises her for coming up to him. A Nas song, “N.Y. State of Mind,” is playing in the rapper’s earbuds. When Ruth explains that the music in his song both loves and hates the subject matter, he responds by expressing the emotion, too.
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He brushes off Ruth’s inquiries when she inquired as to whether he feels that Nas would prefer not to have made the record than have gone through all of those situations. The rapper tells Ruth Langmore, “You gotta take it easy on the coffee,” capping off yet another bizarre episode in Ruth’s timeline. Me??” Ruth asks. When the rapper inquires, “Why not?” I respond, “I never sleep.” As soon as Ruth says, “You know,” she walks away.

Who is Killer Mike?

Killer Mike, one-half of the rap group Run The Jewels, is Ozark season 4 part 2’s rapper and a well-known social activist. Also known as Michael Santiago Render, Killer Mike uses his music and street protests to raise awareness of social concerns such as police brutality, systematic racism, and social injustice.


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In addition to lecturing at colleges and universities, Killer Mike has written extensively on these topics. rapper Killer Mike is recognized for speaking truth to power and walking the walk whenever he gets a chance in the hip-hop community. The fact that Ruth is a huge admirer of Killer Mike is no surprise to anyone.

Why Is Killer Mike Appearing in Ozark?

Killer Mike’s brief visit to Ozark is a reminder to Ruth that she’s in the real world, which is exactly what Ozark is about. Ruined by Wyatt’s death, Ruth has violent hallucinations throughout Ozark season 4, episode 8 “The Cousin of Death,” eventually killing Javi in the real world to put an end to her suffering.

What Is Killer Mike’s Connection to Ozark?

Chris Mundy, the show’s executive producer, is a big fan of Killer Mike’s work and scripted the episode in which the rapper was featured. Even though this is the first time he’s shown his face, his voice has been heard in several songs that play over the end credits of Ozark episodes.

Why Does Nas’ Illmatic Album Play in “Cousin of Death”?

Nas’ famed 1994 album Illmatic, considered to be one of the most influential rap albums of all time, has a lot in common with Ozark’s overall themes.
Ten days after the 28th anniversary of Illmatic, Ozark season 4 part 2 was made available to the public. It doesn’t matter how far apart the Ozarks and New York are geographical, Ruth’s decisions in Illmatic are strikingly reminiscent of Ruth’s in Ozark.
Apart from sharing a similar age when Illmatic was released, Ruth and Nas both grew up on the low side of town with a unique perspective on the lifestyles of the wealthy, which Killer Mike describes as both hopeful and harsh.
They are both hustlers — the elite products of their respective authoritarian cultures – in nutshell. Ruth’s interest in hip hop is a result of this. As Nas raps in “N.Y. State of Mind,”
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