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Wayne Season 2 Renewed Release Date Status, Plot, Cast and More (UPDATED)

Wayne Season 2

Wayne Season 2

Wayne has shown to be the ultimate underdog, both on and off-screen, since its release on YouTube Premium in 2019. Wayne (Mark McKenna) and Del (Ciara Bravo) embark on a deadly road journey in an attempt to recover his father’s Pontiac Trans-Am from a junkyard.
Fans went wild for the raunchy journey that seemed like “Dirty Harry” mashed up with a John Green novel — and they loved it. When things were tough, there was never for lack of support. YouTube’s exit from the scripted originals game left “Wayne” homeless.
When Amazon Prime acquired the streaming rights to Season 1 in November 2020, “Wayne” was given a second opportunity. Many more people have discovered Wayne and Del’s incredible road trip adventure since then. And now, those same people want more. The second season of “Wayne” was not given the go-light by Amazon for the time being, but the show has not been canceled either.
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Thus, the highly-regarded teen dramedy, which has an official Rotten Tomatoes score of 100% fresh, is still in limbo. Shawn Simmons, the show’s creator, has huge hopes for “Wayne,” even though Amazon has yet to order a second season. What we know about a possible second season of “Wayne” so far is detailed below.

Is Wayne Season 2 Coming to Amazon Soon?

There’s no word yet on when “Wayne” might return for a second season because the show hasn’t been renewed. But even if Amazon orders another season, the wait for fresh episodes is likely to be considerable. Even though Season 1 was originally launched in 2019, the cast and crew have been hard at work on other projects.
The Peacock original series “One of Us Is Lying,” presently in pre-production, will star Mark McKenna. The second season of “Wayne” will have to wait till the young actor’s schedule allows for it.
It is reasonable to assume that McKenna will begin shooting Season 2 of “Wayne” in the second half of 2021, which would put the next season’s debut in the summer or fall of 2022, depending on when “One Of Us Is Lying” wraps up filming this year.
And that’s just if Amazon orders a second season before McKenna and the rest of the actors move on to even more projects before that happens.

Wayne Season 2 Cast

The second season of “Wayne” will require the return of Mark McKenna, as the show simply cannot function without him. Ciara Bravo, who plays Del, is also critical to the plot, thus she must be included as well. Dean Winters as Del’s father Bobby, Jamie and Jon Champagne as Del’s twin brothers, Joshua J. Williams as Wayne’s friend Orlando, and Mike O’Malley as the head of Wayne’s school are among the cast members who are likely to return for a second season.
All of Season 1’s principal characters survived, therefore it makes logical for most of the original cast of “Wayne” to return if scheduling problems don’t prevent them from doing so. On top of all that, given that the first season ended on a cliffhanger, which Simmons revealed will lead to Wayne serving time in jail for Season 2, we should expect plenty of new faces in Season 2.

Wayne Season 2 Plot

Simmons has a special connection to the story of “Wayne,” as it is set in his hometown of Brockton, Massachusetts, where he was born and raised. Even though Amazon has yet to announce whether or not it plans to continue the show, he’s already written the Season 2 premiere and plotted out the remainder of the season. When asked about the future of Wayne and Del in an interview with Inverse in November 2020, the show’s creator revealed all.
Wayne Season 2 Plot
A prison sentence for Wayne doesn’t tell us “very much,” Simmons opined. “Del’s in a place I’ll hold back on, but the whole season is about Wayne trying to go straight, trying to earn back Del and find the tranquility he deserves,” he continues.
Mark McKenna, on the other hand, hopes that Season 2 will become a reality. he told the showrunner, as reported by Inverse, “The script that you have for the first episode of Season 2 is perhaps the greatest of the ‘Wayne’ narrative I’ve seen”. We’d all like to be there, but it’d be lovely if we could.
It’s too soon to write off the scrappy show “Wayne” just yet, even though new episodes haven’t aired since 2019. There is no doubt that “Wayne” is capable of returning after a long absence.

Wayne Season 2 Trailer

Currently, there is no official trailer for Wayne Season 2. Until the official trailer is out we can enjoy the trailer of Wayne Season 1.

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