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Titanfall 3 Placeholder Box Spotted At German GameStop

Titanfall 3 Placeholder Box Spotted At German GameStop

Titanfall 3 Placeholder Box Spotted At German GameStop

Gamers, Titanfall 3 Placeholder Box Spotted at German GameStop and it’s not on one or two GameStop stores but several more. Even some fans are saying that the games are currently available for pre-order. This is the third-ever game for the highly hyped franchise that has been getting worldwide popularity. 

Titanfall 3

Titanfall 3 Returning After Six Long Years

Respawn did feel excited about bringing the series to the world yet again. It has been more than six years since the last game, Titanfall 2, surprised the fans with its amazing features, graphics, and gameplay. However, fans were hoping for an early release of Titanfall 3. Now, instead of that, Apex Legends was released by the company.

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It can be considered as a link that was established between two games’ worlds. But one thing you must note is that there aren’t mech battles or any sort of battles that can level up the game. Of course, the public has been demanding the third game for almost years now but it seems that it has been falling on the deaf ears of the developers. 

Was Titanfall 3’s Placeholder Spotted In Germany?

As per the latest sources, many GameStop stores are putting up placeholders all over Germany. This is a current hot topic on Reddit and everyone has certainly become excited to look deeply into these cases.

Now, one thing you must note is that these boxes are seen throughout these German stores for almost years now. These have been seen in the stores since 2019. On the other hand, Respawn was also working on the project for the Star Wars video game. As a result, fans thought that there will be no Titanfall 3 even this time.

One user wrote, “I work at GameStop in Germany,” “This is not a case of ‘probably means nothing.’ This 100 percent means nothing. We have pre-orders going back to 2019, and in case you’re wondering, yes, they will be honored if it eventually releases.”

So, is this a false claim?

No, because the popular Nvidia GeForce did confirm that the news is fully accurate. 

Can We Pre-Order The Game?

A picture was released that displayed a text which can be translated to “pre-order now”. Besides, the picture did show many other games that are in line for getting released in the future. Most of them are confirmed for release but the dates or time frame of release are still unknown. Like fans also spotted FIFA 3 but that doesn’t have any date of release as of now.

Titanfall 3

Moreover, it is only the GameStops in Germany that are giving hints about Titanfall 3. No news is there regarding the release date of the game or even the possibility of it. Both Titanfall and Titanfall 2 have stood out as incredible performers. It shook the gaming community with its incredible gameplay. In recent days, Respawn has just gone on and removed all the original Titanfall games from any type of retail shelves.

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So, it’s pretty confusing if the game will be honestly available for pre-order or if it is just another story. The developers have remained silent about this and thus, it is hard to guess the future of the game. Even though the pre-order sign has been put up, fans aren’t sure if this can be it. As the news has just come out, we need to wait for a few more days before we start believing the news. 

Yes, of course, we are expecting some positive news but if there is any sort of changes or new development regarding the launch of the game, we will have all the updates ready just for you.  

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