Blac Chyna Defamation Case Judge Was ‘Undeniably Hostile And Extremely Biased’

As per the latest updates, the Blac Chyna defamation case that was held between her and the Kardashian-Jenners went in favor of the latter. Now, Chyna is thinking about challenging the judge after the decision is seemingly going to be passed against her. Angela White who is famously known as Black Chyna said that she will be filing a peremptory challenge and it will be against Gregory W.

Blac Chyna Defamation Case
Blac Chyna Defamation Case

Alarcon, a Los Angeles Supreme Court Judge. While taking this decision, she clearly explained, that the judge, “exhibited an ‘undeniably hostile and extremely biased’ attitude towards her and [her attorney] Ms. [Lynne] Ciani since April 19 and April 20, 2022.”

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What Did Chyna Have To Say About The Judge?

According to the 33-year-old celeb, she is sure that Alarcon was biased and she did impact several parts of her defamation. These include “the jury making ‘key liability verdicts in her favor'” and she also got “denied due process about the jury instructions and special verdict form.”

As of now, Chyna’s challenge isn’t scanned by the system or the authorities. And clearly, the Kardashian-Jenner family is winning to date. The Kardashian attorney, Michael G. Rhode was seen presenting a 20-page opposition this Monday that further argued about Chyna and her attorney.

The document states, “In the days and weeks that followed, [Chyna] and her counsel had ample time to raise her completely misguided allegations about Judge Alarcon’s impartiality, along with numerous opportunities to brief evidentiary issues, jury instructions, and the special verdict form.” 

The document continues that Judge Alarcon did invite Ms. Ciani for a briefing on the issues as per their understanding. The judge allowed them to highlight the problems regarding jury instructions as well as evidentiary issues. They didn’t act immediately, however, the issues were raised after the jury had already commenced their deliberation process.

Furthermore, the family attorney mentioned that it was Chyna’s, “dissatisfaction with the Court’s ordinary exercise of its discretion in overseeing trial is irrelevant to Judge Alarcon’s capacity for impartiality in a future trial.”

 Later they request for disqualification of Chyna’s statement. The attorney claimed that Chyna’s “statement of disqualification is stricken, that her request for disqualification is denied, and that Ms. Ciani is sanctioned in an amount to be determined in [the family’s] separately served noticed motion.”

Why Did Chyna File A Defamation Case

The fight between the Kardashian-Jenner started in 2017 when Rob Kardashian, Chyna’s ex-fiancé had uploaded nudes of her on his social media account, Instagram. He then proceeded to reveal allegations that were quite damaging. Besides, the former couple even got their E! series, Rob & Chyna discontinued in the same year.

Now to challenge these incidents, Chyna mentioned the porn scandal and highlighted how the family was the reason for the cancellation of the series. Then Chyna’s trial against this famous family started after 5 years in April. Chyna ensured that she will be “taking them to court to stand up for [her] legal rights and to be an example to [her] kids.”

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In this case, Chyna sued Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and also Kendal to some extent. It was for losing her contract at E! and even defamation. This trial had put Chyna in hot water as she was accused of pulling a gun on her ex-fiancé Rob while an argument was happening. As the case is progressing, it is seen that the popular family is going to win the trial and Chyna is not ready to accept that.

The verdict is pending but Chyna is up to challenge the court if needed. But what is your perception? Who do you think will win the case?

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