Former Apple Design Chief Jony Ive Shares His 12 Favorite Tools of the Trade

When it comes to Apple and designs, the world already knows the benchmark the tech giant has set for itself over these years.

Former Apple Design Chief Jony Ive
Former Apple Design Chief Jony Ive

Former Apple Design Chief Jony Ive has shared a recent bunch of tools that have helped him over the years working with Apple on designing the different products. Jony Ive still partners with Apple on different products and to the delight of the fans, he has shared with the world the 12 must-have design tools that have helped him with making, marking, and measuring. 

These are the tools that Ive been carrying with me every day and have been a big part of ensuring the quality of Apple products all these years.

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What Are Jony Ive’s Favourite Tools?

The list of Jony Ive’s favourite 12 tools was shared in a special issue of Financial Times called “How to Spend It” magazine.  Ive is the guest editor of the magazine and he was excited to share the list of his favourite tools of the trade. He also shares his interest and obsession with the idea of “making”.

Here is the list of the 12 favourite tools of the former Apple designer Chief Jony Ive

  • Torque wrench — Snap-On adjustable torque wrench that is for £455
  • Pencil case — Vintage leather pouch by Visvim, from Ive’s personal collection
  • Paper folder — Paper folder,
  • Eraser — Graf Von Faber-Castell platinum-plated eraser, £100,
  • Loupe — Vintage brass folding magnifier by Leitz Wetzlar, from Ive’s personal collection
  • Measuring Tape — Hermès leather In The Pocket measuring tape, which is $530
  • Weather station — Wempe Navigator II ship’s clock and weather station, $1,960
  • Fountain pen — Vintage pen by Montegrappa, from Ive’s personal collection
  • Tonearm — Linn titanium Ekos SE tonearm, priced at $5,645,
  • Protractor — Mitutoyo 6in universal bevel protractor, £264
  • Hex Keys — Wiha colour-coded hex L-Key set, from $3.69
  • Depth gauge — Starrett 440Z-3RL depth micrometre, $355

Though Jony has shared his list of favourite design tools, he has not given any explanation why he likes these tools and how to have these tools help him with the design. In another article, however, Jony and Marc Newson, his fellow LoveFrom designer, talked about the equipment and beauty of machines.

How Has It Been For Jony Ive At Apple And More?

In the conversation, Jony also recalls and shares his experience with the design of the Apple Watch. He mentioned how Newson helped him with the physical design of the Apple Watch has Jony “really struggled” there.

Jony left his position at Apple in 2019 and after that he and Newson co-founded LoveFrom. In the beginning, it was decided that Apple would be among the primary clients of LoveFrom but we have no sure news of the Apple products Jony has designed while being at LoveFrom. 

According to one of the earlier statements by the tech giants, Jony Ive was involved with the design of the 24 ” colourful iMac that was released earlier in April but we are not certain whether the work occurred after Ive left Apple.

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Though we do not know all about the employees Jony has with him at the LoveFrom Firm, Jony has recruited four of his former Apple colleagues to work with him at LoveFrom. Wan Si, Chris Wilson, Jeff Tiller, and Patch Kessler are among the former colleagues of Ive from Apple.

A true leader like him sharing all these details has surely impacted the community a lot. He has experienced a huge lot of benefits from it and he is expecting others to have a similar kind of experience. So, make use of these apps and make your user experience better! 

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