Google Teases Next Generation of AR Glasses at I/O 2022 (Latest News)

Google is working on a new pair of augmented reality glasses. This is ten years after the first pair, Google Glass, was shown at I/O 2012. The company previewed the device during I/O 2022, presenting a short video that showed off some of its features.

We observed an “early prototype” of the wearable transcribe a discussion in real-time, effectively generating captions for the wearer. Google also publicly demoed the prototype translating dialogue from English into Spanish, allowing a non-English speaker to carry out a conversation with the Google employee speaking to them.

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Google didn’t indicate when it planned to release the wearable it showed off today. We’ll also notice the teaser video the company presented during its presentation had language at the bottom of the frame that claimed what it was exhibiting was a “simulated point of view,” implying the final interface may appear significantly different from the one Google showed off today.

Google’s cautious approach to disclosing too many specifics before the device is ready is understandable. Enterprise clients can still purchase Google Glass, but the device hasn’t taken off as the firm had hoped. In addition to privacy worries, the “Glasshole” label made it difficult for Google to sell consumers wearable AR.

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