Johnny Depp’s Instagram popularity has skyrocketed since his lawsuit against Amber Heard

A rise in Instagram followers has occurred since Amber Heard’s court battle with Johnny Depp began. There has been a 169% increase in the number of fans following the actor on Instagram since 2005. Johnny Depp’s Instagram popularity has skyrocketed since his lawsuit against Amber Heard.

The size of Johnny Depp’s fan base is readily apparent on the actor’s various social media accounts. His supporters are showing their unwavering support for him despite the ongoing court battle with his ex-wife, Amber Heard. Since then, the actor has been active on social media platforms such as Instagram. Since joining the photo and video-sharing app, the actor’s following has exceeded one million.

The libel case involving Amber Heard followed shortly after. The Sun eventually beat Johnny. The slander trial against Amber will commence on April 11, 2022. Take a look at how Johnny’s fame has risen on Instagram in the midst of his court fight.

amber heard instagram
amber heard Instagram

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On Instagram, Johnny Depp Has More Than 17 Million Followers

His Instagram following was roughly 5.8 million when the Libel case started in 2020. About 10 million people followed him for a year. Look at the numbers for 2022 if you believe that’s a big climb. With 4.5 million followers in May 2022, Amber Heard’s Instagram account is on track to reach 16 million followers. He currently has a total of 17 million followers.

Reactions To Johnny Depp’s Instagram Post From Fans

On the 11th of February, 2022, Johnny Depp made his final public post. Prior to the outbreak, we made a film about providing a voice to those who don’t have one. ” Today, such a topic is more relevant than ever. A sincere salute to Minamata’s beautiful and courageous people. “Their narrative is available in US theaters today (sic),” he captioned his post.


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Fans of Johnny are responding to his past posts and providing him with love and support while he is involved in a legal battle. “Johnny, you have the entire world’s support!” Greetings from sunny India! A fan wrote, “#justiceforjohnnydepp (sic)” in the comment section. “It’s not because we admire your acting that we’re not supporting you at this time. This is why we’re on your side: you’re telling the TRUTH. Others chimed in with the hashtag #justiceforjohnnydepp (sic).

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