What has Johnny Depp daughter said about Amber Heard’s trial?

Johnny Depp’s defamation trial will begin on Monday, May 16, and the media and fans will be scrutinizing every minute of the previous sessions to uncover any details that may have been overlooked. What have Johnny Depp and amber heard their daughter say about Amber Heard’s trial? Read this article to know this.

Fans uncovered what Depp’s daughter wrote when her father’s relationship with Heard began to deteriorate, among other things. During the trial, Lily-Rose Depp has chosen to keep a low profile in the media. However, admirers have discovered an Instagram post she made in 2016 on her account.

Lily-Rose Express Her Views On Social Media

Heard and Depp’s daughter did make an indirect reference to their spat in that post. However, she has now removed this post from her profile. As she stated, “My dad is the sweetest most loving guy I know, he’s been nothing but a fantastic father to my little brother and me, and everyone who knows him would say the same.”

johnny depp and amber heard daughter
johnny Depp and amber heard their daughter

Lily-Rose shared a photo of Depp as a child teaching a helpless infant to walk. In May 2016, Amber’s first charges against the actor were made public, and her father penned this statement to her.

The Bad relationship between Amber Heard and Lily-Rose Depp

According to the actress, she was afraid about the actor’s children because of the ongoing legal battle. However, according to Depp, Amber and his daughter had a rocky connection.

“My daughter, Lily-Rose, did not come to the wedding,” Depp said at the trial. “She and Ms. Heard had a tense relationship for a variety of reasons.” In January of that year, Johnny was observed with his daughter and Heard at a public function, even though this all began in May of that year.

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