La. lawmakers withdraw bill declaring abortion homicide

Reuters, May 12 – In the wake of public outcry and a successful effort to revise it, a Louisiana state lawmaker withdrew a bill that would have charged women and their doctors with murder if they obtained or provided abortion services. La. lawmakers withdraw bill declaring abortion homicide.

State Representative Danny McCormick‘s bill would have prohibited abortion in the state, provided constitutional rights to “all unborn children from the moment of fertilization,” and categorized abortion as a homicide crime. People on all sides of the abortion debate opposed the policy, which received international attention.

Late Thursday night, McCormick yanked it from consideration after opponents altered it to specify that women could not be charged with murder for seeking or procuring an abortion, and by inserting an exception to the state’s abortion ban for the life of the mother. According to the website, when the changes were made, the measure was “returned to the calendar.” When Reuters asked McCormick for comment, he did not immediately answer.

 La. lawmakers withdraw bill declaring abortion homicide
La. lawmakers withdraw bill declaring abortion homicide

Even many anti-abortion groups reject prosecuting women for getting abortions, and Louisiana Right to Life announced last week that it was opposed to the legislation. During the current legislative session, the group announced on its Facebook page that it did not expect the legislation to be brought back for further consideration.

One of the group’s news releases stated that it applauded the Louisiana House for taking a unified stance in favor of life and mothers. It was two days after a leaked draft opinion suggested that the US Supreme Court was ready to reverse the 1973 historic Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion statewide.

The bill was one of a slew of anti-abortion measures proposed by conservative state legislators in the wake of the leaked draft ruling. If Roe is reversed, such limits could extend beyond the so-called trigger laws, bans, and other rules that would take effect in some 26 states.

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