Twitter Made a Game to Help Explain its Privacy Policy

To make Twitter’s privacy policies more accessible and open, Twitter made a game to help explain its privacy policy. To better clarify some aspects of its privacy policy to its users, Twitter has launched an online game.

A side-scrolling platformer, Twitter Data Dash has a dog named Data as the protagonist. There are several Twitter-themed levels in which the player is tasked with guiding Data while also collecting bones that provide insight into Twitter’s privacy settings.

This Game Is A Part Of Twitter’s Endeavor To Make Its Privacy Policy Clearer

Data Dash is a fun way for individuals around the world “to learn more about how they can better control their personal information on Twitter and perhaps even have some fun in the process,” Twitter wrote in a blog post yesterday (11 May). “Our strategy is built around transparency, and we’d like to make sure you know what information we gather, how it’s utilized, and what choices you have.”

Twitter made a game to help explain its privacy policy
Twitter made a game to help explain its privacy policy

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Historically, learning about this issue hasn’t been entertaining or participatory, so we’re hoping Twitter Data Dash can change that. There is less “legalese” and more understandable language in the social media platform’s privacy policy, which has been updated to reflect these changes. Data collection, data use, and data sharing are currently the focus of the site’s three main areas.

The site provides answers to frequently asked issues, as well as new images aimed to make the company’s “privacy policy” more relatable.

The graphic symbols that indicate the most important security and privacy settings on Twitter will be updated in the future, as well. In the same way that the magnifying glass is a well-known symbol for search operations, a “standardized privacy icon” for privacy settings is an aim of the platform.

Our findings and thoughts about privacy iconography will be published soon,” Twitter said. We’ve been working on it. The future of Twitter is still up in the air as it recently agreed to be taken private by Elon Musk in a $44 billion transaction.

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