Scuba Diver Dies During Class at JBLM (Latest News)

According to the latest news, a Scuba diver died during class at JBLM. It wasn’t just another casual day for the mourning family of this scuba diver. On Saturday, the teammates of the scuba diver were concerned after he didn’t resurface that day.

The class was held in American Lake on Joint Base Lewis McChord. It is said that the student diver was taking part in a class hosted for the civilians as the reports of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department suggest. It was their dive team that later found the body of the diver. But sadly, it was a sad ending to the life of a passionate diver.

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Many Agencies Were Called For Help: How Did The Rescue Mission Go? Here Is The timeline

The team of divers did call multiple agencies to ensure the safe rescuing of their teammate. The first 911 call was passed to Joint Base Lewis McChord Fire & Emergency Services.

Then the West Pierce Fire & Rescue was called at 11.30 a.m. It was Jenny Weekes who is a spokesperson for West Pierce confirmed the incident. This rescue agency provides rescuing services on the lake and they do have some of the best professional rescue divers along with swimmers who help in the rescue mission. For this, the JBLM emergency services department was seen as the command.

Scuba diver dies during class at JBLM
Scuba diver dies during class at JBLM

At around 12,18 p.m., it was reported that the student suddenly ran out of oxygen. The West Pierce called the Pierce County Metro Dive team to confirm it. They are known for having advanced equipment and several divers that can help anyone in any given situation.

However, it did take a lot of time to locate the body and it was also very late by then. The body was located at around 4.30 p.m. The boy already lost her battle with life and it was a sad incident.

Who Arranged The Dive Class?

For now, it is not clear who is the person or the team behind operating this dive class. The Northwest Adventure Centre is the institution. It is the base-run outdoor activities operator who had arranged this class.

This group was arranging an open water scuba diver certification. However, the location given on the website for the diving session was somewhere else. The rescuers were assembled at Russell Landing but on the site’s website, the class was supposed to happen on Sunnyside Beach in Steilacoom.

Scuba diver dies during class at JBLM
Scuba diver dies during class at JBLM

JBLM Scuba is a shop located in the Northwest Adventure Centre. It has quite a reputation as a 5-Star Dive Center. Besides, it is also approved by PADI, an industry association. As per the website, this center is considered to be one of the few centers in the military. When officials were trying to call the center on Sunday, none picked up.  Also, an email was sent but the center didn’t respond at all.

The company’s website mentioned, “Safety is a top priority, and divers with medical problems, such as high blood pressure, must have their doctor’s approval and be medically cleared.”

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Currently, the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation is investigating the matter. But this isn’t the first time that such an incident happened. Back in February, the Pierce County Metro Dive Team also had a similar kind of experience. It is said that the body of the missing boater was discovered 77 ft underwater.

More details regarding the search are still not known but officials are looking into the matter. The details of the diver or any other information are kept hidden for privacy. Once all the details regarding the mishap and the cause of death are revealed, we will update it here instantly.

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