Tinder Date Stabs Teen Girl, Then Knifes Elderly Woman

We have heard about dates gone wrong but the recent incident is making people, especially parents think twice before giving their child the permission to date anyone unknown.

Tinder date stabbed a teen girl on Thursday night and then knifed an elderly woman who didn’t have any involvement in the first place. It is confirmed that the teen from Utah and his ultimate plan was to kill anyone whom he considers as vulnerable as disclosed by the police.

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Who Is The Boy And How Did The Incident Happen?

The Davis County Sheriff’s office did upload a statement, the following day that is Friday, and revealed the identity of the boy.

His name is Thomas Fairbank who is an 18-year-old boy and he then went on to stab the teen several times. They initially slated their date at the Mueller Park which is located outside the nearby city of Bountiful. It is said that the victim and the stabber met each other on a “popular” dating app.

Tinder Date Stabs Teen Girl
Tinder Date Stabs Teen Girl

Though it was just days before the two started talking to each other, they decided to meet for the first time on Thursday.

 However, the incident happened suddenly as the 18-year-old girl did have a nice seven hours date with the boy at the gorgeous park but then at around 6.30 p.m., the “coerced her into his vehicle”.

Then he proceeded to stab the innocent girl with his knife and it said that the knife had “a fixed blade nearly a foot in length.” The statement was released by “The Salt Lake Tribune” and it did report the entire thing. However, it is heard the victim tried her best to fight back in that critical situation. She even flagged the witnesses as said by the police.

In an official statement that the sheriff’s office released, “Those witnesses took action and helped create a barrier between Fairbank and the victim. Among the witnesses were two nurses and an EMT who all provided first aid while another witness called 911.”

How Did He Stab The Elderly Woman?

The teen girl is in hospital but updates suggest that the 18-year-old killer did plan on killing her ever since they first started conversing on Tinder. His main motive to take her inside the park was “with the intent of luring her into his car and killing her.”

However, his killing spree didn’t end there. He then ditched his car and soon went to an elderly woman of 64-years-old. He stabbed that poor woman and she did fight back against Fairbank before being taken to hospital. The woman did suffer from life-threatening injuries. 

Tinder Date Stabs Teen Girl
Tinder Date Stabs Teen Girl

Soon after all this chaos, Fairbank went missing from the scene, however, he was later detained in no time. He was seeking shelter in a nearby neighborhood but before he could proceed any further, the cops arrested him.

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Are Both The Victims Safe?

Currently, both the victims are recovering and they are out of danger. The stabber said to the cops his intention of killing the woman was “because she was elderly, alone and vulnerable.” 

The newspaper explained the entire incident and the Davis County Sheriff reported, “During the investigation, Fairbank told detectives he intended to carry out the attacks and had planned for other assaults.” Fairbank also explained to police that he thought about living in his car “and even took steps to pack… food to sustain him”

However, he further explained “his desire to continue to kill people who he thought were vulnerable” and “talked at length about killing his parents and siblings with a pickaxe,” as per the reports of the police. They also mentioned that “if he was released he would continue his plans to kill others”.

Now, that he is in custody, Fairbank has been booked for attempted murder, kidnapping, and even obstruction of justice. He is now in Davis County Jail and will be held there without bail.

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