Jury Sees Pics of Heard’s Swollen Face After Fight With Depp

The cross-examination of Amber Heard started on Monday and it revealed some shocking details. The jury sees pics of Heard’s swollen face and the photos were from their last fight in May 2016 which happened before they filed for divorce.

Previously, in her testimony, the world got to know that Amber covered her bruises and swellings with makeup and that did lead to some other controversy with Milani cosmetics. Amber took a stand to testify against Depp and his actions and on the third day of her trial, she had to face her legal team, Depp, for cross-examination.

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The Photos of Amber’s Swollen Face And Bruises

This is the fifth week that the famous defamation trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is continuing. Heard started the week by showing multiple photos of the swollen and bruised face that claims to be a result of Depp’s physical abuse. She said that she had endured all of these violent acts throughout the timeline of her relationship with Depp. 

The photos shown on Monday were brand new evidence that the jury didn’t see earlier. These pictures were quite prominent and they did show the swelling as well as the redness that Amber was talking about all this while.

Jury sees pics of Heard's swollen face
Jury sees pics of Heard’s swollen face

After this last flight, Amber confirmed to thinking about ending their relationship and filed for divorce after two days. Then she went ahead to get a temporary restraining order that was permitted after a courthouse hearing was conducted. She was even photographed leaving the courthouse with bruises and redness on the right cheek. 

 What Was The Main Reason For Their divorce?

As known now, this has been the main reason that has led to the ongoing dispute between the two celebrities. When Amber opened up about her abusive relationship and claimed herself to be a domestic violence survivor in the 2018 op-ed of The nofollow Post, Depp refused to accept such claims. Amber specifically called herself “a public figure representing domestic abuse.”

As a matter of fact, no names were mentioned but this did try to defame Johnny Depp as he was married to her before all of these happened.

Depp has repeatedly maintained his claims and said that he never had hit any woman, not even Amber. He mentioned that Amber is making up stories of her abuse. However, earlier during this long defamation trial, the jury panel did hear from police officers who were prompt enough to respond to the emergency calls.

The officers were summoned when the ex-couple were having their final fight. But things changed when these officers stated that Amber’s face went red as she was continuously crying but there were no signs of bruises. Even multiple witnesses claimed that they didn’t see any sort of bruises or redness after their immediate fight.

After the officers have stated so, Heard responded in her Monday testimony that she had very limited interaction and face-to-face conversations.

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What Did Depp’s Lawyers Cross-Examine About The Photos?

Earlier, Amber talked about her routine of color correction to hide her marks. She was also specific about using shades of green to cover her redness. Whereas, she did use orange shades for any blue or purple marks. 

Now, Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez counter questioned Heard about many of her photos where she was spotted without any bruises. Then Heard was even questioned regarding her $7 million divorce settlement which she promised to fully donate to charity. However, it was revealed that she donated only a portion of whatever she received. 

Jury sees pics of Heard's swollen face
Jury sees pics of Heard’s swollen face

Amber did even confess that she never wanted to expose Depp or portray him as an abuser, but she needed to do that for the sake of proving her point. 

On further asking about the human fecal matter that she did after a huge fight, she claimed that the teacup Yorkshire terrier did it after ingesting Depp’s marijuana.

She added about that fecal incident, “Absolutely not,” “I don’t think that’s funny. I don’t know what a grown woman does. I was not in a pranking mood.”

While ending her testimony, she mentioned that she is currently facing a lot of accusations from Depp’s fans who think the whole abuse thing is false.

Amber ended with, “I want to move on with my life,” “I want Johnny to move on. I want him to leave me alone.”

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