Apple Accidentally Leaks Surprise Upgrades In New iPhone Release (LATEST NEWS)

In case you missed it, Apple leaked a few surprises in the upcoming iPhone release. Additionally, Apple apparently mistakenly exposed satellite calling and next-generation Macs in the leaks of the iPhone 14 design and iOS 15.5 software.

Find out what the new iPhone has in store for you by reading on. Stay tuned for our next Apple leak, iOS 16.1!

Leaks of iOS 15.5

It’s claimed that the next major iOS version, iOS 15, will include a redesigned app icon set. Netflix and Spotify will be allowed to create accounts outside of the App Store as a result of this move. Changes to Apple’s software are expected as a result of this new development. To download the current beta version of iOS, the user must connect their mobile device to a power source.

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Next-generation Macs

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, In a beta release of iOS 15.5 due out next week, Apple accidentally divulged their next big hardware upgrade. A few surprises have been uncovered by the coding. It’s possible that Apple’s next iPhone will have an ultra-thin design or perhaps support the company’s next-generation Mac computers. If this is the case, it could be a preview of things to come.

Apple Iphone
Apple Iphone

There is speculation that Apple accidentally exposed information about the next big hardware update in iOS 15.5 beta code. In his weekly Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman disclosed the details.

Gurman claims that the new software will provide “a slew of new features and upgrades for iOS devices,” according to the report. The next iOS update is scheduled for release on Monday of next week. Apple has opted to expose more about the upcoming iPhone’s features than just its new hardware.

Satellite Calling

It has been reported that Apple is considering adding satellite phone calls on the iPhone 13. When it comes to satellite connectivity, the iPhone X won’t be able to reach all of the world’s markets and remote locations.

The purpose of this feature is not to replace cellular service, but to act as a safety net in case of an emergency. The creation of Apple’s own satellites, however, is expected to take several years. As a result, non-emergency satellite calling is unlikely to be available any time soon.

The iPhone 14 is expected to be a significant leap for Apple, and leakers have already revealed some of its most impressive features. It’s not simply a new appearance that the iPhone 14 has to offer.

In the iOS 15.5 beta code, which is presently available to the general public for download, Apple has unintentionally released some of its most exclusive upgrade options. The code hints that News and Focus will have new features. There’s no doubt that Apple will use these to improve the overall performance of the iPhone 14. Stay tuned with us only on

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