Undefeated Boxer Musa Yamak Dies of Heart Attack During Fight (LATEST NEWS)

Musa Yamak, Germany’s unbeaten boxing champion, died suddenly of a heart attack, shocking the sporting world. For the unversed, the 38-year-old slumped in the ring in Munich on Saturday (May 14) while battling Hamza Uganda’s Wandera, as per the New York Post article.

It is with great sadness that Turkish official Hasan Turan announced on the social media site Twitter that the country has lost its compatriot Musa Askan Yamak (a boxer from Alucra who won European and Asian championships).

Fans could watch the fight in real-time via a live webcast. Yamak was knocked out before the third round of the competition and was never the same after that. In the second round, he had absorbed a heavy blow from Wandera, which caused him to stumble.

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After a few minutes, a medical team arrived in the arena to help resuscitate his life. He was taken to a nearby hospital, but doctors ruled the boxer dead.

On-site, the paramedics encountered tense events involving fans and family members in a state of emotional turmoil. To secure the safety of the paramedics, the Munich Police put out a large number of patrols, according to a spokesperson who talked to the German tabloid publication BILD. “We then set up a protection corridor on-site so that the paramedics could work safely and conscientiously,” the spokesperson added.

In this video, you can see the tragic accident that resulted in Musa’s death:

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that a talented young boxer has been tragically killed in the ring. Arrest Sahakyan, an Armenian-born Russian boxer, died on January 9 of this year.

Ten days later, the 26-year-old was declared dead after being in a vegetative state for that length of time. Last year, during a World Youth Championship match, another boxer, Rashed Al-Swaisat, collapsed in the ring. He had only turned 19 years old when he died unexpectedly. Stay tuned with us only on leedaily.com

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