‘Predator’ Prequel ‘Prey’ Gets 2022 Release Date: Is It Officially Confimed?

For the first time on Earth, the Predator prequel Prey is visiting.

Every decade or so, the Predator film series has added a new entry starring everyone’s favorite Austrian Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, the original 1987 picture remains the strongest entry in the series. Two Alien vs. Predator flicks were more like cheap fan service than quality filmmaking. Predator 2 and Predators were fine.

For another thing, The Predator (2018) was panned by critics and audiences alike for the convoluted plot that made it seem like a superhero movie rather than a horror-action film like the original. No subsequent picture has been able to capture the original’s tension and entertainment value, regardless of the quality of the sequels.

‘Original,’ maybe, would be a better buzzword for this series, and it appears that the aptly named Prey will provide just that. Filmmakers are billing it as a precursor to the original Predator flick, which focuses on an unnamed Predator who first set foot on our planet. Though the picture has been kept under wraps by director Dan Trachtenberg’s demands, there has been a steady stream of information about Prey making its way into the public domain.

Predator Prequel “Prey” Trailer

Prey, like the film’s present condition, has just lately given us our first glance into its distinct world, so don’t worry about huge spoilers. Only a young Native American woman escaping the woods is shown in the teaser’s brief 40-second runtime before she is met by a fellow Comanche who instructs her to take cover.

Before the three-dot reticle appears on one of their heads, the two continue their stare into the woods. That’s followed by an intense showdown between Naru and a mysterious villain named Yautja. There you have it. Simple, charming, and a wonderful teaser for a much-needed shift in tone, this trailer is a winner.

When And Where Will Prey Be Released?

As of August 5, 2022, this is the first time that a full-length movie has been released exclusively through streaming.

Even though Disney has taken over the Predator franchise, the human skinning and skull removal may be too much for the family-friendly Disney+. Prey, on the other hand, will be available on Hulu, Disney, and Fox’s more mature streaming service.

Is Prey Going to Be Released In Theaters?

In the meanwhile, there are no plans to bring Prey to the big screen. Even though Prey was produced by 20th Century Studios, it has been designated as a “Hulu Original.” Since the movie will only be available on Hulu, a theatrical release is exceedingly doubtful.

Predator prequel Prey
Predator prequel Prey

Predator Prequel Prey Storyline

It’s been three hundred years since the events of the original Predator film, but Prey takes the Predator IP and moves it to a completely different era.

There is a mystery threat to the Comanche people in pre-colonial America, and the film follows a teenage Comanche hunter named Naru as she investigates. One of the most dangerous creatures in the cosmos has become a sport for one of the most brilliant and technologically advanced extraterrestrial beings in history: the Yautja, or Predator, better known to the general public as a Yautja.

Producer John Davis has also confirmed that this is the first time the legendary species has made planet Earth their hunting field, almost three millennia before a motley squad of troops in Central America came face-to-face with one such Predator.

Makers Of Prey

Prey is still being produced by Fox, despite a recent disagreement between the creators of the original Predator film and the 20th Century’s new parent corporation, Walt Disney (and yes, the idea that Mickey Mouse now owns Predator will never stop being weird).

Dan Trachtenberg, well known for his work on the highly acclaimed film 10 Cloverfield Lane, sits in the director’s chair. Prey, Trachtenberg’s first feature picture in six years, is a surprise sequel to the surprise smash that put him on the map as a filmmaker to keep an eye on, even if he has subsequently worked on huge television projects like Black Mirror and The Boys. “It’s terrible that what we had in store for how you may discover this movie will no longer happen,” Trachtenberg said after the film’s premise was leaked, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Even though the surprise has been ruined, the director’s involvement is still enough to be enthusiastic about the film. This probably refers to a unique marketing effort like what 10 Cloverfield Lane had.

Patrick Aison, who previously worked on Wayward Pines and Jack Ryan, serves as a scriptwriter for the film. Among the producers are Marty P. Ewing (It), John Fox (Game Night), Lawrence Gordon (Predator), Jhane Myers (Monsters of God), and Marc Toberoff (The Predator) (Fantasy Island). Jeff Cutter, Claudia Costello, and Kara Lindstrom make up the rest of the amazing cast and crew of 10 Cloverfield Lane (Den of Thieves).

Prey Casts

Amber Midthunder, best known for her role as Kerry Loudermilk in Legion, leads the cast as Naru. Dane DiLiegro, Stefany Mathias, Stormee Kipp, and Dakota Beavers round out the cast. Fans may have noticed that the majority of the ensemble is of Native American ancestry, which was most likely a deliberate choice to give the setting and its Comanche people as much authenticity as possible.

Jhane Myers, the film’s producer, is credited in the trailer description for casting the Comanche characters because she is a member of the tribe herself. The film’s depiction of the real-life culture will not be tested until it is released, but so far all the signals point in the correct direction, and the movie will hopefully introduce cherished people from a community that deserves far greater representation in the world of film.

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