Everything About Atlanta Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More (UPDATED)

Donald Glover’s gloriously uncompromising comedy-drama Atlanta returned in March after an almost four-year absence (the UK will have a chance to see it in June).

Glover has never intended Atlanta to run for too long, and the show’s upcoming fourth season was recently announced to be it’s final. Since Atlanta is one of the most popular programs on television, here is all we know about season four so far.

Is There a Release Date for the Atlanta Season 4 Yet?

The fourth and final season of the series is scheduled to premiere in the fall of 2022, at the earliest. The fourth season of Atlanta, which has already wrapped up filming, will premiere on FX in the United States “in the fall,” according to the channel’s February announcement.

All good things come to an end, and Glover told reporters at SXSW in March that “It seemed like it was time to stop [Atlanta].” Anyone over 40 who acts and dresses like they’re 15 is just plain creepy in my book. Oh, this is a pain.”

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“It was really fun, everybody clapped, it was nice,” Glover said in an interview with PEOPLE about the final day of filming season four. Because we all grew up together, we didn’t know what this would turn out to be, and now we’re all adults with families of our own, it was heartbreaking. It has a very unique vibe to it. It was a bit of a letdown, but also a sign that you had something truly unique.”

Who Will Be in the Cast of Atlanta Season 4?

It appears that the quartet will return. You can bet on Earn (Glover), Darius (Lakeith Stanfield), Van (Zazie Beetz), and Al/Paper Boi all making an appearance in Atlanta’s final season.

In season four, don’t count out numerous surprise cameos. Liam Neeson, Chet Hanks, and the mysterious Jai Paul have all made appearances on Atlanta in season three, further enhancing the show’s reputation for using guest stars.


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Jaden Smith and Ryan Gosling have both been mentioned by the show’s creators as potential cast members. “[Gosling] said he was a big fan, but he had something else [he was working on] and it just didn’t work out,” Glover told PEOPLE. ‘I was heartbroken because he was going to miss out on a terrific opportunity.'”

What Has Happened So Far in Atlanta Season 3?

What goes on tour should stay on tour, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Earn, Darius, and Van (though Van’s screen time has been restricted) have accompanied Al on his European tour thus far, with chaotic/frustrating/bizarre/trippy stops to Copenhagen, London, Budapest, and Amsterdam.

Atlanta Season 4 Plot
Atlanta Season 4 Plot

However, because Atlanta is Atlanta, things haven’t been as simple as that. There have been a number of stand-alone episodes in season three that haven’t featured any of the core cast, but they nevertheless make for intriguing viewing because of their combination of satire and surrealism. Along the way, they bravely ask the show’s viewers difficult questions like racial disparity and social class inequity. These options have just reinforced the belief that you should never second-guess Atlanta; all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the journey.

What Has Donald Glover and His Showrunners Stated So Far About the Atlanta Season 4?

“Some of the best television ever made,” Glover previously remarked of Atlanta’s third and fourth seasons, adding that “only The Sopranos can touch us.”

That was a bold proclamation. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in March, Glover stated that he “absolutely” stood by his words. He added: “I feel like [The Sopranos] has a good mix of stuff, but obviously they’re completely different shows. I think I just appreciated that when I was growing up, [The Sopranos] just kind of showed me a lot about how to make something scary but real.”

Season three of Atlanta will take place in Europe instead of its original setting in the United States, but as Glover recently explained: “It’s not really about the place; it’s about our point of view… “Atlanta is a state of mind.” Or, as Glover’s brother Stephen, who writes and produces Atlanta, told Variety: “Atlanta is everywhere and nowhere.”

Glover did say that Atlanta will “make a very heavy comeback” in season four, which suggests that Paper Boi’s European tour will be over by the end of season three and that he, Earn, Darius, and Van will then head back to the US.

Glover told Variety in February that the idea of the final season was to “have more fun,” adding, “Once you go through that cycle, you realize, oh, we did season four like season one, which was, act like you’re going to get canceled!” Stay tuned with us only on leedaily.com

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