Has Netflix RENEWED Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2? All Updates

The first season of Kotaro Lives Alone was a roller coaster of emotions, both happy and sad. We’re hoping Netflix will pick up the show for a second season soon, as there is still a lot of manga to adapt. Season 2 of Netflix’s Kotaro Lives Alone has yet to be officially announced.

Netflix’s original slice-of-life comedy anime, Kotaro Lives Alone, is based on the manga series by Mami Tsumura. Kotaro Sato, a four-year-old Japanese boy, moves into the Shimizu Apartments.

Kotaro heads out on his regular errands with his toy sword attached to his belt. In spite of his tender years, Kotaro possesses wisdom beyond his years and begins to affect others around him as he demonstrates his resolve to live strong while he waits for his parents to return.

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Netflix Renewal of Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2

At the time of this writing, Netflix has made Kotaro Lives Alone available to stream for just over a week but has yet to indicate whether or not the anime will be renewed.

It’s rare for Netflix to renew an anime within the first few weeks, or even months, following its premiere unless it’s explicitly stated.

We fully expect Kotaro Lives Alone to be renewed in the near future, given the positive response from critics and subscribers alike.

Note that only five countries have voted it into Netflix’s top ten. Not only that, but on March 13th, it ranked third in Japan’s top ten list.

What Can We Expect From Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2?

We learned a lot about Kotaro’s unfortunate and heartbreaking circumstances in the first season. Many of Kotaro’s humorous eccentricities sprang from his parents’ neglect or suffering, such as his affinity for tissues, which he had no choice but to eat when he was left to starve.

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Release Date
Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 Release Date

Karino, Kotaro’s next-door neighbor, has been keeping an eye on the youngster, and as time goes on, Karino grows fond of him.

However, thanks to Karino’s surprising discovery, Kotaro has yet to get the sad news that his mother passed away. He has many more minor experiences to look forward to.

However, because he was abusive Kotaro’s father no longer has contact with the youngster. Currently, Karino is the only person in Kotaro’s life who resembles a relative.

How Much of the Manga Did the Anime Cover?

One of the most difficult mangas to locate online with complete translations of all eight presently published volumes is Kotaro Lives Alone. As a result, manga has become so hard to come by that the only copies available thus far are those offered by the Japanese publishers’ webshops.

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The first two volumes of the manga may now be found and read online thanks to a recent promotion. In addition, there are no English translations for volumes 3 and up. Consequently, you must pay to read them.

Even though it appears online that the first season would end around volume 4, we were unable to find any further information. There are still at least four more volumes that could be made into an anime series.

Is There a Release Date for Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2?

Kotaro Lives Alone has already been renewed for season 2, so new episodes might arrive as early as the end of the year or as late as the beginning of 2023, assuming production has already begun.

Liden Films may wait till the spring or summer of 2023 if they are waiting for a green light to make additional episodes. Do you want to see more of Kotaro Lives Alone on Netflix? Let us know in the comments. For more such content do follow us only on leedaily.com

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