Dylan O’Brien Girlfriend: Who Is The Actor Currently Dating In 2022?

The Teen Wolf heartthrob hardly makes any public appearances but his charisma has never stopped wooing all his fans. Dylan O’Brien has been the most eligible bachelor in the Hollywood industry, especially among the young crowd. His good looks, chiseled jawline, and piercing eyes make any fan’s heart go weak. But being a private individual, who is Dylan O’Brien’s girlfriend in 2022?

Is he single or did he get committed to a serious relationship? We have got all the trending news about Dylan O’Brien’s relationship history.

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Dylan O’Brien’s Relationship Timeline

Britt Robertson

The 29-years old handsome hunk had broken million hearts when she went official about his relationship with his then-lover Britt Robertson.

Dylan is always hush-hush about his love life and this sudden revelation came as a shocker. The couple met each other while shooting for “The First Time” in 2012. They were quick to fall in love and their steaming hot chemistry was also quite evident.

dylan o'brien girlfriend
dylan o’brien girlfriend

The former couple was drunk in love and the relationship continued for 6 long years. A relationship like this is admirable in Hollywood. 

But the couple then broke up in 2018 after working together for the hit film “A Dog’s Purpose”. The Us Weekly reported the updates about the relationship that was suddenly shattered. Besides, Britt was then going out with Graham Rogers and the paparazzi spotted them as well.

Chloë Grace Moretz

The former girl of Brooklyn Beckham, Chloë Moretz was rumored to be involved in a romantic relationship with Dylan. Paparazzi are always ready to take shots of the stars and they did click photos of the couple while they were on a date.

US Weekly got exclusive reports on that when a source said, “They purposely didn’t show up together because they didn’t want to draw attention to themselves but they had a fun night out and were flirty and touchy-feely, but didn’t show any obvious outward PDA last night.”

Previously, Dylan did confess to having a crush on Chloë and his secret admiration. But none of the celebs confirmed their secret fling to date.

Sarah Ramos

It was speculation by the fans that Sarah and Dylan are having an affair. Last year, the duo very casually recreated an iconic scene from the film, “The Social Network”. Their acting was so natural that fans really fell for it and thought that the duo is a thing now.

However, soon it was confirmed that Sarah and Dylan are in no way together. They revealed that the video was shot individually in both of the stars’ homes. Then they proceeded to merge the clip that truly seemed too good to be true. It purely stemmed from fans’ imagination and sadly, it was false.

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Who Is Dylan O’Brien Dating In 2022?

Recently, Deuxmoi, an Instagram gossip blog, suggested that Dylan is dating the beautiful Elle Fanning. 

It came from an anonymous tip and that individual commented, “Omg on a date??” “Looks like it. It’s just the two of them and they look deep in convo.”

It was commented on a post, “Dylan O’ Brien and Ellen Fanning at Wayla in NYC!”

However, this can’t be true since Elle used to date Dylan’s best friend Max Minghella and they are too good of a friend to break any bro code.

One fan commented, “No, they’ve been friends for a long time. I don’t think Elle or Dylan would the line.”

Well, it can be guessed that Dylan isn’t dating anyone on today’s date and even if he is, the star is maintaining privacy. To be fair, if Dylan was dating, then the news would have been out by now. So, your teenage crush is still single in 2022.

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