Kao the Kangaroo Release Date, Gameplay And Latest News

Tate Multimedia has announced the release of the most unexpected game of 2022, Kao the Kangaroo. This is a reboot of the classic game that went silent after making three successful releases.

The first release was in 2005 with Kao the Kangaroo: Mystery of the Volcano. If you have played the game in the past, you already know how fun it was.

Kao the Kangaroo
Kao the Kangaroo

The game had a huge number of positive reviews but with the reboot, the developers are expecting to broaden its fan base. So, this was a sudden surprise that all the fans appreciated. 

A demo version of Kao the Kangaroo game was available for playing at the “Limited Run Games” booth which was set up at PAX East in 2022. The booth was active from 21st April to 24th April at the busy location of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Centre. It did receive quite a great response.

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The head of the studio Kaj Borowko did publish a press release after seeing the excitement amongst the fans.

He said, “We’ve been blown away by the response we’ve had from gamers since we announced Kao the Kangaroo was making a return earlier this year,” “With this new chapter, we’ve set out to make sure the new Kao the Kangaroo both honors his previous outings and offers fresh, contemporary gameplay for fans new and old alike. This is a complete reboot for Kao, and we can’t wait to see how people take to it at launch!”

The Official Release Date Kao the Kangaroo: Price & Platform Details

Tate Multimedia made the final announcement regarding the release date of the Kao the Kangaroo. The brand-new game will be available for buying in the market in May itself. Its official release date is 27th May 2022 and this is currently high in demand.

The game will be available to play on some of the major new-gen gaming platforms. It is going to be playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X | S, and PC via Steam. So, basically, all types of gamers can enjoy the latest version of the iconic Kao the Kangaroo.

Besides, the developers have kept the price minimal for providing a chance to everyone. The game will be retailing for $29.99 for its digital copy, whereas, for $34.99 when it is the physical copy. So, the gamers’ verdict is only pending for the time being.

The Trailer of Kao the Kangaroo Revealed The Gameplay

A 1.03 minutes trailer was launched by Tate Multimedia on 21st April 2022. It did reveal a lot about the gameplay. In this game, Kao is on a mission to find his sister who has been missing.

Besides, he will also try to discover the truth behind his long-lost father. So, gamers are going to help Kao in his journey. It seems like Kao’s magical boxing gloves will be his main source of power that he will be using to fight against the true fighting masters.

The gamers must note that these “fighting masters” is under the influence of “dark powers”. And those powers have corrupted their mind. Also, these gloves will help in overcoming any sort of obstacle standing in the way of his victory.

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However, gamers will be also traversing through a colorful world with 3D settings. Its vibrancy will be a “visual flair” and Kao will be up for the ultimate mission of his life.

Now, as per the details, the game is going to have certain key features which are:

  • Beautiful, diverse worlds, packed with secrets
  • Engaging and fun gameplay for all ages—family-friendly, but for core gamers too
  • Magic gloves stacked with powers
  • Kao—a cheeky, brave, and feisty kangaroo who embarks on a life-changing journey
  • An engaging story filled with a cast of captivating characters
  • Challenging combat including unique boss battles
  • A whole host of items to collect

Those who have not played the game previously will know how fun it is to explore the world of Kao. The game is slated to release this week and gamers will surely have some opinions that will be valuable in the long run!

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