Warner Bros. Confirms Amber Heard Replacement Talks (COMPLETE NEWS)

The Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard trial is now so well-known that it is practically impossible for anyone not to have heard about it. As Depp’s defamation suit has been ongoing, the rivalry between the two has been in the news for a long time.

An article suggesting domestic violence against Heard was an attempt to gain publicity for Heard was a hoax perpetrated by Heard, according to the Pirates of the Caribbean star. It has swiftly become one of Hollywood’s most infamous feuds. Both Depp and the film business have suffered as a result of this, including the loss of various projects, such as another pirates of the Caribbean film and the recasting of Fantastic Beasts.

Heard, despite Depp’s backlash, hasn’t been seen publicly outside of any projects at this point in time. According to recent reports, Mera’s part in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was significantly decreased.

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Warner Bros DC Films President Walter Hamada has now entered the stand to testify about any discussions over Heard’s involvement in the comic book movie franchise that may have been influenced by the conflict.

The First Look at Amber Heard’s DC Extended Universe Role

Walter Hamada, Warner Bros.’ President of DC Films and a witness in the trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, has revealed new details regarding the role of the actress in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

When asked if Amber Heard’s role as Mera caused any delays for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Hamada said, “Yes, there was,” and that “conversations about potentially recasting… [caused a delay of] probably weeks.”

He claimed that the talk over recasting was sparked by “[an] issue of chemistry” between Heard and main actor Jason Momoa, and not by the continuing conflict with Johnny Depp, as previously reported.

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In an attempt to find someone with “more natural chemistry” with Jason Momoa, Warner Bros. was reportedly considering “recasting.”

Hamada also confirmed that “[they] did not” take any official steps to audition any replacements. He went on to reiterate how the conversations to recast “[were] all [because of] concerns about whether she was the right fit of casting for the movie,” and that Amber Heard’s dispute with Johnny Depp “[did not play into it] from [their] end.”

Warner Bros. Claimed Lack of Chemistry

Walter Hamada’s declaration that the lawsuit had no influence on Warner Bros.’ discussions regarding Amber Heard’s future as Mera may be a mystery to many.


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While Johnny Depp’s case cost him two entire franchises, why was Amber Heard’s role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom not affected by it? One would expect that with all of the material found regarding how she handled Johnny Depp (including an incident in a bed, an injured finger, and on record admissions), she would face similar backlash.

When the first picture was released, viewers and critics didn’t seem to have any issues with the chemistry between the characters. Some even expressed interest in seeing more of Mera, as played by Heard, after her brief stint on the show.

The future of her role in the DC Extended Universe is still up in the air, and only time will tell. However, when the sequel comes out next year, viewers may not get to see much of her.

March 17th, 2023 will see the release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in theatres everywhere. Stay tuned with us only on leedaily.com

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