What Is Queen Elizabeth Net Worth? How Rich Is The British Royal Family?

Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most powerful figures in the world and is the constitutional monarch of as many as sixteen realms. These sixteen nations become the Commonwealth of Realms. She has been the ruling figure that also serves as the head of the Church of England. Her royal lineage has made her the royal she is today. Queen Elizabeth net worth is higher compared to any other member of the current royal family.

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Queen Elizabeth Early Life

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born into royalty in London, United Kingdom. Prince Albert, Duke of York, and his wife, Elizabeth, Duchess of York welcomed her in April 1926.

The Queen was a strong and independent woman since her childhood and was a part of the Auxiliary Territorial Service during the crucial time of the Second World War. Elizabeth’s grandfather, George the V was the king before her uncle would inherit the throne.

When King George died, King Edward VIII became the king in 1936. But he gave up his throne to marry the love of his life and American wife Wallis Simpson. After the abdication, Elizabeth’s father, Albert Frederick Arthur George became the King of England. He was George VI who continued his reign from 1936 to February 1952 until his untimely death.

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Queen Elizabeth Ascension

As Queen Elizabeth was the eldest child of the royal family, she automatically ascended the throne after her father’s death.

In 1952, she was officially the Queen regnant of the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon. She had made history as her coronation ceremony was the first ever to get televised to the world.

Moreover, Queen Elizabeth is also the Queen of Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Barbados, The Bahamas, Tuvalu, Belize, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines, Antigua and Barbuda, Nevis, and Saint Kitts.

Besides, Queen Elizabeth has become the longest-serving British monarchy in history that ever ruled any other country. The heir to rule after Queen Elizabeth is Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. After that Charles’ eldest son William becomes the heir to this respectable throne.

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Queen Elizabeth’s Personal Life

Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark back in 1947 when she was not a queen.

Together, they had four children. The eldest son is Prince Charles and then came Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. As of now, the Queen has eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. The Queen is a very charitable person and is directly involved with over 600 charities and organizations. 

Queen Elizabeth Net Worth & Wealth: How Rich Is The Royal Family?

Though not the wealthiest person in the world, Queen Elizabeth has a massive net worth of $600 million. As she is the Queen of England, her assets are divided into two sections, one that is owned by her and the rest that belongs to the Crown Estate.


Queen Elizabeth has over 140 pieces under the Crown Jewels that are priceless. These are hailed as national treasures which make a part of the royal collection.

However, the royals can never wear them or use them. It even includes priceless paintings, tapestries, photographs, furniture, and many exclusive items that are spread in the different locations of royal residences. These are under the trust of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. No one can sell them.

However, Balmoral Castle situated in Scotland is the personal property of Queen Elizabeth. She also owns the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, England.

There are a couple of properties she inherited from her father. The royal also has an impressive portfolio of stocks, artworks, stamp collection, and much more.

The royal residence is Buckingham Palace which is the official residence of the Queen. It is not only home to the British monarch but also an art gallery.

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The Crown Estate

This estate is not the personal property of any individual. Being a part of the Crown Estate fetches Queen Elizabeth around $18 million of annual income. On the other hand, the Duchy of Lancaster portfolio gives a $27 million income per year And Make Massive net worth.

As a matter of fact,  Queen Elizabeth gets 25% of the income that the Crown Estate produces every year. Now, the Royal Collection Trust has over 1 million objects and 7,000 paintings by legendary artists, and it is valued Net worth at a minimum of $1 billion.

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