When Amber Heard Will Pay 15 Million USD to Johnny Depp?

A jury found Amber Heard guilty of slandering her ex-husband Johnny Depp and told her to pay $15 million in damages. This puts the 36-year-old actress’s finances at risk, say experts. Heard’s net worth is unknown, but she has made millions from her roles in Aquaman and Aquaman 2 on television and in the movies.

When she and Depp divorced in 2016, she received $7 million of Depp’s money, which she promised to donate to charities like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). During the trial, she stated that she had not yet fulfilled her promise because of the lawsuit brought by Johnny Depp.

Heard’s career may have stalled because of the legal battle with Johnny Depp, according to testimony during the trial. Heard’s finances may be called into question as a result, as the damages, which included $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages, have been reduced to Virginia’s cap of $350,000 on such awards.

Amber Heard Issues a Statement Following Defamation Verdict

Sandra Spurgeon, an attorney in Lexington, Kentucky, says that if Heard decides to appeal the verdict, she will have to post a bond for the $10.35 million judgment, plus interest, as the appeal proceeds.

There is a real issue with the winning party intending to execute a judgment on an individual who cannot pay the judgment and cannot post the bond, according to Spurgeon.

In contrast, a jury awarded Heard $2 million in damages in his personal injury lawsuit. Depp, 58, earned as much as $650 million over a 13-year period. His spending on full-time staff, such as $30,000 per month, had drained him of his wealth over time according to testimony from his former manager and agent.

When Amber Heard Will Pay 15 Million USD to Johnny Depp?
When Amber Heard Will Pay 15 Million USD to Johnny Depp?

After the verdict, Heard took to Twitter to express her “disappointment” at the jury’s decision, but she did not address the financial aspects of it. After the widely publicized verdict, here are Heard’s options:

Appeal the Decision

For the reasons already mentioned, Amber Heard has the option of appealing the decision in order to reduce the amount she must pay. For now, she’ll have to post a $10.35 million bond, which Spurgeon says may or may not be feasible.

Lack of Money? Garnishing Wages Is an Option

Legal experts say that if Amber Heard decides not to appeal but does not have enough money to pay the judgment, she may be forced to forfeit her current and future wages.

Bankruptcy Can Be Filed

According to Spurgeon, Amber Heard can also declare bankruptcy to avoid paying the $10 million in compensatory damages. The $350,000 in punitive damages, on the other hand, would not be dischargeable in bankruptcy.

Johnny Depp Has Won His Defamation Case? Is Amber Heard Guilty?

Judgment Could Be Waived if Depp Decides to Do So

Spurgeon said that if Depp decides not to carry out the judgment, he would effectively waive the monetary damages.

“He’s in the driver’s seat right now,” she said, noting that Depp could also negotiate a lower price with Heard.

After the verdict, Depp made no mention of whether he intended to pursue the monetary judgment against Heard in an Instagram post following the verdict. He wrote that the “goal of bringing this case was to reveal the truth, regardless of the outcome.”

He added, “I feel at peace knowing I have finally accomplished that.” For more such updates do follow us only on leedaily.com

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