LEGO Masters season 3 Is Not Coming In June 2022

LEGO Masters Season 3 has kept many fans awake with the hope of watching them in June 2022. But in reality, that dream has been broken. It is official, LEGO Masters Season 3 isn’t returning in June 2022. We know you have missed Will Arnett and his hilarious dad jokes. And to your relief, LEGO Masters Season 3 will return but it has now got a different release date.

It is heard that many viewers turned to the Fox channel on 31st May 2022 to witness the grand comeback of the brick-building show. 

When Will LEGO Masters Season 3 Release?

 LEGO Masters Season 3 first debuted in February 2020 and fans discovered this interesting show during the pandemic. It did keep them entertained and many were even motivated to buy new LEGO sets after watching this show. The series was so interesting that it got a season 2 that aired in June 2021.

However, for LEGO Masters Season 3, the release date wasn’t announced in the first place. But then there was news about the show getting released in June 2022. Well, that didn’t happen and fans are trying to anticipate when LEGO Masters Season 3 will be released. It is rumored that this interesting show has been pushed to a fall release. Whereas some other sources claim that it will air totally in a new season, the 2022-2023 season.

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Other Lego Masters Specials Will Fill In The Gap

LEGO Masters Season 3
LEGO Masters Season 3

Wondering what to do without LEGO Masters Season 3? You must be excited to know that there are LEGO specials that will keep you entertained for the time being.

You do not have to wait much to get to watch the shows. The first show will be released on June 5th, Sunday and it is titled “LEGO Master Sneak Peek: Jurassic World”. You need to switch on Fox to watch the replacement of LEGO Masters Season 3.

Next, on 10th June, the film, “Jurassic World Dominion” will be released. We can see Chris Pratt, the lead of the movie present in a LEGO Masters episode and he will also help them to create a scene of that movie, however, totally with Legos. 

Then there comes the next installment. Multiple-night “Lego Masters: Celebrity Holiday Bricktacular” event that was held last year will be shown.

Also, this Holiday Bricktacular will be continuing for as many as four nights. As per the news of Fox, “Celebrities will join, as will fan-favorite builders from past seasons, all working together, to create jaw-dropping holiday-themed challenges that will make the contestants’ faces redder than Rudolph’s nose.”

This is going to be a celebrity special and of course, some of the famous faces will be competing in the show. And you can see your favorites competing with each other. But the list of the celebrities who will be on the show has not been announced yet. 

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Viewers Weren’t Happy

Though LEGO Masters Season 3 has pushed and then got some specials ready, not all fans were happy. Even during the last season, the show didn’t air for a few weeks and didn’t show any new episodes. The frustration lasted and it seems like it has been also transferred in the LEGO Masters Season 3.

Fans did have hopes for the new season but with this uncertain act, the show makers are in hot water. One fan commented, “Super lame to push the date so last minute.”

They have all the right to be angry with such an irresponsible act. There was no prior notice or announcements and it suddenly came up with the news out of nowhere.

Well, even if the dates of LEGO Masters Season 3 are not announced, fans still have hopes that it will not disappoint them this time.

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