Thousands of Americans Will Receive $1,400 Stimulus Cheques- The question Is, Are You Among Them?

Stimulus cheques have been a lifesaver for thousands of Americans throughout the course of the pandemic. Even after the pandemic finally comes to an end, the government is still helping the citizens with stimulus cheques.

Recently, as many as 2,596 residents of Johnson County, Iowa with low or moderate-income have proceeded to apply for the $1400 one-time stimulus cheque. These stimulus cheques are going to be issued under the Direct Assistance Program. The county will use the $2million from the American Rescue Act to help the people in need of financial aid.

Are You Eligible To Receive This Stimulus Cheque?

The pandemic has made many people jobless and homeless. So, the stimulus cheques will be provided to those who are in dire need of money. Not all are eligible for this program. There are certain criteria that an applicant must meet for applying to this one-time program.

stimulus cheques
stimulus cheques

These stimulus cheques will be mainly provided to individuals who have food or housing insecurity, lost jobs, and also for those candidates who have not received the previous federal stimulus payments.

On the other hand, you can automatically qualify, in case you are considered to be eligible for some federal programs such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or Supplemental Security Income.

For income, the applicant applying for the stimulus cheque must have an income of $45,370 or below for a single household, $51,870 for a household of two, and lastly, $64,805 for a household of four. 

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When Will The Stimulus Checks Be Given out?

 If you have not applied, we are sad to inform you that the last date of applying for stimulus cheques was on 27th May, Friday. The original deadline was on 23rd May but there was an influx of applicants last weekend as confirmed by the Board of Supervisors.

The county’s board confirmed to the Press-Citizen,It became such an extreme push over that weekend and there were literally hundreds of residents who were eligible based on what they were reporting over the phone and through email… and so we made a good-faith-effort decision to extend the application.” “We reached a lot of residents who were eligible and needed support.”

stimulus cheques
stimulus cheques

Furthermore, it is declared that the board will be reaching out to the applicants even if their applications are declined.

Now, if you are eligible and still didn’t get the payment, what can be the reason?

Well, the BOS clarified the sole reason can be that the applicants failed to fill the forms correctly for receiving the stimulus cheques.

Almost 2,300 to 2,400 residents will be getting around $1,400 stimulus cheques that will be given to the recipients by next month or say July at max.

Is There Any other Body Sending out Payments?

Yes, many states may not be directly giving out stimulus cheques but these are coming in the form of tax rebates.

Like in Maine, almost 850,000 residents will be getting $850 checks by June. And in Delaware, the rebate payments of $600 will be sent this month to around 600,000 residents. It has recorded around 4.3 million people who will be getting tax rebates this month.

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The eligible singles’ bank account will get credited by $125 whereas couples will be getting $250. As a matter of fact, paper checks will be released in July and August. Plus, the eligible workers of Massachusetts will be receiving bonus cheques worth up to $500. The process will begin in June.

It seems like the government is still finding out ways and helping the citizens with stimulus cheques to cope with the losses. The pandemic has almost ended but will the government continue with stimulus cheques?

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