Report Says, NBA Superstar LeBron James Is Now A Billionaire

It is official, LeBron James’ Billionaire status is now active! The 18-time NBA all-star, 2 times Olympic gold medallist, and the 4 times NBA champion now has a new title, ‘billionaire’.

The LeBron James billionaire news has been confirmed by Forbes on 2nd June 2022. With other successful years of earnings, LeBron made $121.2 million last year. This has made LeBron James a billionaire while he is still continuing to play. James is missing his playoffs; however, this is only the fourth time he had decided to miss in all the 19 seasons. 

Back in 2014, LeBron said to GQ, “It’s my biggest milestone,” “Obviously. I want to maximize my business. And if I happen to get it, if I happen to be a billion-dollar athlete, ho. Hip hip hooray! Oh, my God, I’m gonna be excited.”

As a matter of fact, Michael Jordan is the only other NBA player who had a net worth of $1.7 billion. But that amount has been attained after 11 years of retirement. Here is a breakdown of LeBron James’ billionaire status and his sources of earnings.

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The Spring Hill Company: $300 Million

There are three companies listed under The Spring Hill Company that made LeBron James famous. As he is raised in Akron, he uses a large portion of the money coming from this company.

James had proceeded to sell a “significant minority stake” and ended up at a $725 million valuation. However, James is still the largest single shareholder with 50% of the stake in his name. Under this company, 2021’s “Space Jam: A New Legacy”, a Netflix docuseries that is based on tennis star Naomi Osaka was produced. There are many other releases on the way and the company is believed to contribute a lot in the future to LeBron James’ billionaire identity.

Fenway Sports Group: $90 Million

Being an NBA player himself, James always wanted to own an NBA team. The star already has holdings in pro baseball, hockey teams, and even soccer. He even managed to secure a minority stake in the Liverpool F.C. The legend even went into a partnership with Fenway Sports Group.

However, last year he had traded the Liverpool FC stakes for obtaining a portion of ownership in FSG. So, he is owning around 1% and that did make a considerable change in his net worth that helped to shape LeBron James billionaire and his fortunes.

Real Estate: $80 Million

Though he became a billionaire recently, LeBron James’ billionaire lifestyle always exhibited his worth. In his hometown Akron, he has a $10 million mansion. He also owns a $23 million 8-bedroom home in Los Angeles. James also bought a $36.75 million 1930s hilltop home that he again started building from scratch.

Blaze Pizza: $30 Million

Another addition to LeBron James billionaire’s projects, this venture is pretty successful. James has even promoted it by working behind the stores’ counters and even going on the road to give out pies. The pizza chain has grown extensively and has over 300 company-owned as well as franchised stores all over the U.S. and Canada.  

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Cash & Other Investments: Over $500 Million

In 2014, James made over $3 billion in sales of the iconic Beats by Dre to Apple. He even has shares of Beachbody. LeBron James’ billionaire status was much evident from his spending habits. Apart from paying his agents, lawyers, and managers, James still has a lot of fortune. He also has multiple endorsements besides his salary that make him the billionaire he is today. 

Now that LeBron James’ billionaire title is confirmed, Forbes still believes that the NBA star has a lot of net assets that have been listed yet. 

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