Slow Horses Season 3 & 4 Release Date Renewed By Apple TV+

Slow Horses Season 3 & 4 have been renewed and this double season renewal is a great sign. The second season is yet to come out and even before that Apple has decided to renew the series. Slow Horses 3 & 4 might have got picked up but the release date for the second season is still pending.

This spy drama has Oscar-winner Gary Oldman for showing the unimaginable stories. It is a high-profile series with some talented actors and crew and Slow Horses 3 & 4 are going to live up to that reputation.

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The Makers of Slow Horses Season 3 & 4

The series air on Apple TV+ and See-Saw Films is behind this project. Some of the top industry names are going to be executive producers of Slow Horses Season 3 & 4.

Slow Horses Season 3
Slow Horses Season 3

These are Will Smith, Jamie Laurenson, Jane Robertson, Hakan Kousetta, Douglas Urbanski, Iain Canning, Gail Mutrux, Emile Sherman, and Graham Yost. However, the director will be using his vision for Slow Horses 3 has been announced. Saul Metzstein will be directing the Slow Horses 3 but the director for season 4 has remained undecided.

Slow Horses debuted on 1st April, Apple TV+ and it had only six episodes that were immensely impactful. As already mentioned, the release date of season 2 is unconfirmed but the Jeremy Lovering directed series will be premiering all around the globe this year only. It is just that the date is unclear.

The Storyline of Slow Horses Season 3 & 4

The entire series is inspired by the popular books of Mick Herron. This show started as a two-season deal but with Slow Horses 3 & 4 already announced, the series will expand. For the first season, the plot was based on the Jackson Lamb series with the title, Slow Horses. The second season that is yet to premiere is inspired by the book Dead Lions.

For Slow Horses 3, the showrunners decided on taking references from Real Tigers. Whereas for the fourth season, it will be based in Spook Street.

The show is a dark humorous espionage drama that focuses on the lives of the department named M15. It consists of dysfunctional members who are British intelligence agents. But they are dumped in the Slough House. Gary Oldman plays the role of the leader, Jackson Lamb who leads the team of agents present in the Slough House.

The reason behind them being in the Slough House? Well, because of their career-ending mistakes and it is honestly an outcast department. And Slow Horses 3 and 4 will be following the same pattern.

For Slow Horses 3, the spies of the Slough House will unite to find one of their own who has been kidnaped. On the other hand, a rogue agent is running loose. This is the vague storyline that has been updated for Slow Horses 3. Now, in season 4, the team will be handling the bombing alerts that will be threatening the foundation of the famous Slough House. More details about the storyline will be revealed once the second season is out. It is too early to come to a solid conclusion. 

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Slow Horses Season 3 & 4 Cast

Slow Horses Season 3 cast
Slow Horses Season 3 cast

The icons of the Slough House and the other members will never let you miss anything. The talented ensemble has many other critically acclaimed award nominees apart from the winner Gary Oldman himself. The cast of Slow Horses  3 & 4 is going to be the same as the first two seasons.

So who are they? Well, Oscar nominee Kristin Scott Thomas, Oscar nominee Jonathan Pryce. BAFTA Scotland Award winner Jack Lowden, Rosalind Eleazar, Christopher Chung, Aimee-Ffion Edwards, Sophie Okonedo, Saskia Reeves, Chris Reilly, Freddie Fox, Kadiff Kirwan, and Samuel West. So, with such a cast, the show is definitely worth watching.

Fans couldn’t have expected any better than more installments of Slow Horses. Thus, once the second season premieres, prepare yourself for Slow Horses 3 & 4 as a lot is going to happen.

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