10+ Best Recipes to Celebrate the 4th of July From Eggs to Salads

4th of July Meals Ideas: What kind of food do you serve at a 4th of July celebration? There’s no better way to ensure a successful get-together than to make sure you’ve covered all the basics.

Preparing savory finger appetizers, salads (many of which may be made ahead of time), BBQ (a traditional Fourth of July dish), and, of course, dessert are all essential. In addition to your holiday cocktails, make sure to have some cool drinks on hand for your guests to sip on during the warm summer months.

Here are 50 of our favorite 4th of July culinary ideas to commemorate our country’s independence.

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Brats in a Blanket

Brats in a Blanket Recipe by Hoffy
4th of July Meals Ideas

Beer-boiled bratwursts wrapped in puff pastry and served with beer cheese dip make this version of the classic “pigs in a blanket” unique. You won’t be able to eat the usual version again after just one taste.

Twice-Baked Potato Bites

Fully Loaded Twice Baked Potato Bites - Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery

These potato nibbles are the epitome of flavor and texture, combining buttery, creamy, and cheesy flavors with bacon. With a garnish of crushed potato chips and chives, this dish is elevated even more.

Capered Deviled Eggs

Capered Deviled Eggs Recipe
4th of July Meals Ideas

Capers and fresh dill are the perfect accompaniment to yolks that are both creamy and salty at the same time. The classic appetizer of deviled eggs never goes out of style.

BBQ Bacon Onion Meatball Bombs

BBQ Bacon Onion Meatball Bombs Recipe

The flavors in these meatballs are layered on top of each other. With the support of onion shells, the meatballs remain juicy while also providing a distinct texture. With all that juicy goodness, you may need a few more napkins (or just serve with toothpicks for easy eating).

Turmeric Hummus

Turmeric Hummus - CNM College of Naturopathic Medicine
4th of July Meals Ideas

Create an eye-catching dip for your guests with Samah Dada’s instructions. You can serve this as a quick Fourth of July finger meal with pita chips, flatbread, or even crunchy and bright vegetables.

Cobb Salad in a Crispy Bacon Cup

Cobb Salad in a Crispy Bacon Cup

These bacon-wrapped avocado, egg, tomato, and lettuce cups are the perfect way to eat a classic Cobb salad in bite-sized form.

Cheese-Stuffed Potato Puffs

Cheese-Stuffed Potato Puffs recipe
4th of July Meals Ideas

For up to 12 people, this finger meal is light, crisp, and full of cheese and mashed potato spilling out of it.

Al’s Grilled Vegetable Skewers

Al Roker's Grilled Vegetable Skewers

Grill expert Al has perfected the art of grilling and his veggie skewers are so delicious and easy to create that they may become your go-to summer side dish.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Gluten-Free Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe | Food & Wine
4th of July Meals Ideas

Fried green tomatoes, which are golden brown on the exterior and mushy on the inside, are a classic summer dish. We recommend serving these savory snacks with a jar of homemade ranch dressing.

Mini Italian Tuna Tacos with Guacamole

Mini Italian Tuna Tacos with Guacamole Recipe

Tacos made with tuna are a great appetizer for parties because they combine the flavors of Mexican and Italian cuisine.

Siri Daly’s Watermelon, Blueberry, and Feta Salad

Siri Daly's Watermelon, Blueberry and Feta Salad Recipe
4th of July Meals Ideas

“There’s something so refreshing about the combination of juicy watermelon and salty feta,” says Siri. “When you add sweet blueberries, you have the perfect, patriotic summer salad.”

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