Top 10 Strongest Currency in the World You Should Know About

Strongest Currency in the World: A few more cents on the dollar can go a long way in making us happy, no matter how small it is. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the world’s strongest currencies so you can plan ahead and bring more spending money with you on your next international trip. If you believe that the pound or the dollar is the world’s strongest currency, think again!

Our research has led us to compile the following ranking of the world’s top ten most powerful currencies:

10 Strongest Currencies In The World

The following list of currencies and figures was constructed using data from a variety of online resources, including FXSSI, Currency Kart, and Highest Currency.

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10. US Dollar

The US dollar is the first currency on our list of the world’s strongest currencies. As the most widely traded and utilized money in the world, it is the US dollar. As the world’s principal reserve currency, the U.S. dollar is held by both central and commercial institutions around the globe.

US Dollar
US Dollar – 10 Strongest Currency in the World

Converting some of your money into dollars at this time may not be the best idea, but because it does not appear to be going anywhere soon, you should keep an eye on how it performs.

9. Swiss Franc

Next up is the Swiss Franc, which is the national currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. At 1.01 USD for each CHF, it’s not the best exchange rate on the list, but the Swiss Franc still ranks ninth for a good reason. This country is one of the wealthiest and has a long history of success in the financial sector.

Swiss Franc
Swiss Franc

A “Safe Bet” for many investors, the Swiss Franc is the national currency of Switzerland because of the country’s stringent monetary regulations and low debt levels.

The Swiss Franc is projected to keep its worth for a while as it is the world’s sixth most traded currency!

8. Euro

On January 1, 1999, the European Union adopted the Euro as its principal currency. It is the second-largest reserve currency in the world and is used in 19 of the EU’s 28 member states. Traveler cheques and electronic bank transfers were the first forms of cash, followed by physical notes and coins in 2002.

Euro – 10 Strongest Currency in the World

Trade between all EU countries that choose to adopt the EURO was intended to be more interdependent as a result of its adoption.

At the time of this writing, one Euro is worth around $1.10 in the United States.

7. Cayman Islands Dollar

The Cayman Islands Dollar is the world’s second-most valuable currency, following only the Euro. As a British overseas territory, the Cayman Islands are one of the best tax havens in the entire globe.

Cayman Islands Dollar
Cayman Islands Dollar

A large number of the world’s largest banks, hedge funds, and insurance firms rely on their banking licenses. KYD was launched in 1972 as a substitute for Jamaican Dollars and has since gone on to become one of the strongest currencies in the world.

6. Gibraltar Pound

Gibraltar uses the Gibraltar pound as its currency. Both as a currency and as a means of exchanging with the British Pound, it is remarkably similar in appearance.

Gibraltar Pound
Gibraltar Pound – 10 Strongest Currency in the World

The Gibraltar government prints all of the Gibraltar Pound’s currency notes and coins. GIP to EUR is the most popular Gibraltar exchange rate.

5. Pound Sterling

The Pound Sterling, the currency of the United Kingdom, ranks fifth on our ranking of the world’s strongest currencies. Despite its reputation as the world’s strongest currency, the Pound Sterling actually falls short in comparison to four Arab currencies.

Pound Stirling
Pound Stirling – 10 Strongest Currency in the World

The value of the pound has fallen since the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union. Since its inception in 1489, the British pound has been one of the world’s most frequently used currencies, as well as the world’s oldest autonomous currency. The current conversion rate for 1 GBP is 1.26 USD.

4. Jordanian Dinar

An Arabic nation on the shores of the Jordan River, Jordan uses the JOD as its national currency. The Jordanian Dinar was introduced in 1949, replacing the Palestinian pound, and has been tied to the United States Dollar for the past two decades.

Jordanian Dinar
Jordanian Dinar – 10 Strongest Currency in the World

This has made it one of the world’s most powerful currencies. Despite its prominence, the Jordanian Dinar is only accepted in Jordan and nowhere else. The current value of one JOD is 1.41 USD.

3. Omani Rial

The third strongest currency in the world is the Omani Rial. The prosperity of Saudi Arabia’s oil exports and the dollar peg have driven up the value of this Arabian currency since its inception in 1973.

Omani Rial
Omani Rial – 10 Strongest Currency in the World

As the third-highest status currency in the world, the Omani dirham is the official currency of the Sultanate of Oman. The government has had to introduce 1/4 and 1/2 Rial banknotes because of the currency’s strong purchasing power. On January 1, 2019, 1 OMR was worth 2.60 USD.

2. Bahraini Dinar

In the second place, we have the Bahraini Dinar, which was introduced in 1965 and is the national currency of Bahrain. There are little over 1 million people in Bahrain, a Persian Gulf Island State. Because of a large number of Indian residents in Bahrain, the BHD to INR exchange rate is frequently used.

Bahraini Dinar
Bahraini Dinar – 10 Strongest Currency in the World

The vast majority of the country’s wealth is derived from the sale of its petroleum products abroad. Exclusively in Bahrain can you use the Bahraini Dinar, which is pegged to the US dollar like the Jordanian Dinar and is only used in Bahrain.

1. Kuwaiti Dinar

The Kuwaiti Dinar is the strongest currency in the world. It is the most expensive currency in terms of the US Dollar. Kuwait’s oil exports to a global market have made the country wealthy despite its location on the Persian Gulf’s southwestern point, sandwiched between Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Kuwaiti Dinar
Kuwaiti Dinar – 10 Strongest Currency in the World

As a result of the country’s independence from the United Kingdom, the pound was created in 1961 and has since become the most valuable currency on the planet. The Kuwaiti Dinar has been linked to a variety of currencies over the years. From 2003 to 2007, it was tied to the US dollar. Since then, it’s been tied to an unnamed basket with a value of 1 KWD to 3.29 USD.

This is our ranking of the 10 strongest currencies in the world. This knowledge could be very beneficial to you if you plan on starting a business or providing a service to these countries. For more such content do follow us only on

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