David Hogg Says More Cops in Schools Could Endanger Non-white Students 

On June 11, pro-gun control advocate David Hogg said that increasing the number of cops in schools could actually put non-white pupils at risk. Increasing the number of police officers stationed at schools is, according to Hogg, a regular response following school shootings.

He then claimed, “Putting more cops in schools hasn’t worked.” In order to support his argument, he provided two examples: First, he pointed to the armed police officer who remained outside Parkland during the massacre instead of entering. On the police response to Uvalde, then, he made accusations

In his speech, Hogg did not mention how many times armed campus resource police have saved lives.

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At Arapahoe High School in Denver on December 13, 2013, an 18-year-old with a shotgun entered the building and was confronted by an armed resource officer. The deputy sheriff who went toward the gunman after hearing a shot, according to the Denver Post, was the resource officer. Ending the attack, he took his own life as the resource officer closed in.

David Hogg Says More Cops in Schools Could Endanger Non-white Students 
David Hogg Says More Cops in Schools Could Endanger Non-white Students

The Arapahoe assault lasted for 80 seconds in total. Over nine minutes elapsed during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which lacked an armed resource officer.

But David Hogg resisted calls for more cops on campus, saying, “Realize that putting more cops in schools actually may be a form of endangering our students as well — for the students that don’t have the privilege of having my skin color or the fact that I am an American citizen.”

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